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3-D Cover for All the Bishop's Men 

All the Bishop's Men

By C. P. Holsinger

The sudden death of a Catholic priest ignites an investigation that leads to all the wrong places for Detective Lieutenant Nick Greer.

Was is suicide or murder–or a result of something far more sinister?

Battling pressure from his department, local government and the bishop's office, the detective pushes on.

This story takes you from the deserts of Phoenix, Arizona, to the green, rolling hills of western Pennsylvania and to the ponderosa pine-covered mountains of Prescott, Arizona.

Unexpected romance intersects this mystery as a trail of death, terror, and a secret nest of corruption unfolds.

From the Author:

Certain personal experiences, along with my knowledge of the operation of the Catholic Church, inspired me to write

All the Bishop's Men.


I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it.


C. P. Holsinger


Soft Cover, 213 pages, 6" x 9"

Perfect Bound



"A whodonit that will keep you turning the pages until the very end."



3-D Cover for The Vein to the Heart

The Vein to the Heart

By C. P. Holsinger

Infidelity and murder abound, love is torn apart, and friendships are challenged, as Detective Lieutenant Nick Greer searches for the murdered of his friend and mentor.

Is there a serial killer on the loose in Phoenix? Nick Green searches for answers that only lead to more questions and to one dead after another.

Shake-up, break-up and make-up weave their way through this mystery as he discovers a trail of adultery and murder stretching from the deserts of Arizona to the hills of western and eastern Pennsylvania, and to the shores of the Chesapeake Bat.

Shock and surprise unfold as he develops a covert plan to catch the killer, but unexpected events take down another close friend.

From the Author:

It wasn't my intention to write a sequel to "All the Bishop's Men;" however, requests to do so caused me to give it another shot.


I had fun creating "The Vein to the Heart,' and my thanks goes out to all those who gave me the motivation to write it.


I hope you enjoy it, and I thank your for your support.


C. P. Holsinger

Soft Cover, 214 pages, 6" x 9"

Perfect Bound



"Infidelity and murder abound as love is torn apart and friendships are challenged."

    3-D Cover for The Nemo Murders


The Nemo Murders

By C. P. Holsinger

When the call comes in to the Phoenix Police Department that the body of a well-known television news personality and part-time anchor Marti Montgomery has been found brutally murdered, Detective Lieutenant Nick Greer is called to the scene.


Nick is the lead detective of the elite Phoenix Special Investigation Unit, a small, specially chosen squad, whose duties are to tackle special, mostly high-profile cases.


Nick, and his partner, the ever surprising and sometimes rogue Sonny Madison, find themselves challenges as the list of victims begins to grow and so does the list of suspects. It is a stalker? A jealous wife? A resentful co-worker? A jilted lover? Or is is someone else?


This third installment of the Nick Green murders is the most challenging of all as the bodies begin to pile up and nothing and no one connecting them can be found. The surprise ending will leader the reader in shock.

From the Author:

I find myself appalled at times by the way the media approaches stories and their lack of respect for privacy. That emotion drove me to write this.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did telling the story.

                 C. P. Holsinger

Soft Cover, 243 pages, 6" x 9"

Perfect Bound



"Hang on tight as vengeance, evil, infidelity, and jealousy blaze their trail throughout the story."

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