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By Stan Smith and JoAnn DeJoria Smith

My Own Picture Diary



My Own Picture Diary

This delightful book encourages children to use their imaginations and to develop their own sense of creativity. They love the alphabuddies letters and the amusing, whimsical and free-flowing style of JoAnn's illustrations. What fun!!

Hardbound, 48  pages, 10 1/4" x 10 1/4"

full color throughout

Usually shipped within 24 hours

ISBN #: 0-971540-50-0


My Own Picture Diary

Regularly $18.00 - on SALE NOW for




My Own Picture Diary

& Prayers of Blessing



These letters were born in New York City in 1974 after a tragedy in my life. My husband had died in a motorcycle accident, and a year later I was visiting New York. I wanted to make our daughter a birthday card. So I went into an art store in Manhattan and bought a few art supplies, and that is when I drew my first letters which became The Alphabuddies.

Twenty-seven years later I was working on My Own Picture Diary, the first completed Alphabuddies project, when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked. I wanted to do something to help the children, so I spoke with John Paul DeJoria and asked if he would donate some of these Picture Diaries to charity. A crisis counselor in New York told me the books would be a useful tool for therapy with children in any counseling situation.

I am delighted to make My Own Picture Diary available not only as a gift book but also as a counseling tool for children in crisis. I hope this book will serve as a keepsake for those who are treasuring their good times, and a healing tool for those who are going through life's rough places.

And a word to the children — if you have a dream, don't let it die because of what someone else has told you, or a poor grade on a report card. After getting a 'D' in Art class, I had no confidence to draw. However, a few people encouraged me to keep drawing my letters, and a dream began to form in my heart to make books using The Alphabuddies. I'm glad I ignored the voices of those who said I couldn't do it.

What they are saying about the Alphabuddies. . .


“As a therapist who did crisis counseling at 9/11, I felt the victims were cheated in that this book was not available to counselors/therapists nationwide; especially art therapists. Friends and colleagues, a forensic nurse, community worker, and ministry personnel who heard about it were eager to get a copy.

    Colorful engaging alphabet personalities frame varied formats and a wide array of opportunities for children, teens and even adults to express themselves through drawings, photo paste ins or both. My Own Picture Diary, hosted by Betsy and Billie Bear, has over 30 directed and non-directed emotional expression pages including happy, sad, scary, grumpy, funny, safe place, secret place, special day – plus two weeks of open personal choices and five “What You Did Today” behavioral pages. Many personal, familial, nature, familiar objects, locations, and critter titles anchor a few fanciful pages suggesting A Dream, Today, and Tomorrow. Throughout are pictures for the past, present and future leaving plenty of “freebie” frames for people to record their choice of unique pictures celebrating who they are, what they've done and experienced. A valuable therapeutic tool or just a fun gift for all ages.”
-- D. W. Blair BA, OTC, MTR, Oakville, Onatrio


"Thank you very much for your generous donation of fifty “My Own Picture Diary” books. They are very inspiring and wonderfully illustrated. This type of book is particularly useful when working with severely emotionally and mentally disturbed children, which is largely the case with children we serve at The Family Care Network, Inc. We are excited about this wonderful addition to the therapeutic tools we use with young children; particularly children who are not able to verbally express themselves. As we use continue to use this book with our children, we will forward you examples of the therapeutic value."

Bobbie Scott, Financial and Administrative Director, Family Care Network


“Alphabuddies materials are an exceptional educational resource. Colorful, dramatic letter characters capture the attention of readers of all ages creating an interactive learning environment. Reading Alphabuddies becomes a kinesthetic experience filling the sense with enjoyment rather than a drudging decoding exercise. The creativity of The Alphabuddies characters launches readers into higher level thinking strategies of prediction, interpretation and application.”

-- Janet Glenny, elementary education, BA in education


“I highly recommend My Own Picture Diary and Prayers Of Blessing as tools in your hands for Sunday School teachers to seed into your children's hearts and lives. These books bring life and joy to all that read them. JoAnn Smith is a creative and innovative artist, with a huge heart that expresses itself as she puts artist brush to paper!”

Elyse Reitzin, Sunday School Teacher, Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Goleta

“We at Voice Ministries are looking forward to the use of both of JoAnn Smith's books, Prayers Of Blessing and My Own Picture Diary, as tools to minister to our children. The books lend a wonderful opportunity to facilitate conversation, discussion and prayer among our youngest disciples. JoAnn Smith has truly tapped into a God given creative means with which to introduce and reinforce God's love for little children and His desire to supply all their needs.”

-- Bob Deering, founder and director of Voice Ministries


My Own Picture Diary is a wonderfully creative book which is delightfully and colorfully illustrated. If only I could have had it to share with many of the mentally ill and homeless people that I worked with and counseled in Santa Monica, CA. I know they would have loved it and it could have sparked many an interesting conversation and teaching. I recommend it to one and all.”

-- Judy Brown M.A., Mental Health Professional, Santa Monica, California

An Interactive Prayer Book for Children


Prayers of Blessing

Prayers of Blessing is the first in a series of children's scripture books. We want children to know that Jesus Christ can be their best friend, no matter what troubles may come into their lives. It is never too soon to plant the word of God in their hearts.

The scriptures in this book are in clusters, and the margins tell where each blessing came from and what it is about. We started with the "Prayer of Jabez," a prayer that is transforming many lives. The "Prayer of Moses" is the blessing God commanded the Levites to speak over the children of Israel. "Moses' Blessing" is taken from the list of blessings in Deuteronomy 28. Next are two selections from the Psalms, and the book closes with Jacob's tenacious prayer: "I will not let you go unless you bless me."

We have seen the power of praying the scriptures. If you are reading this book aloud to a child, you might want to select a blessing and use it to launch a time of praying together. Use the blessings in this book as you encourage children to bless those who have been unkind to them. And be sure to pray for these blessings for yourselves!

We adapted Prayers of Blessing from the King James Version, paraphrasing to make the words easy to understand. God has commanded us to train up our children in the way they should go. We hope this book will stir your child's hunger for a deeper grasp of the scripture, for life in the Spirit, and for intimate
friendship with God.


Hardbound, 36  pages 10 1/4" x 10 1/4"

full color throughout

Usually shipped within 24 hours

ISBN#: 0-971540-51-9


Prayers of Blessing

Regularly $15.00 on SALE NOW for



Use the Buy Now Button to purchase this book with a credit card OR print out the Buy Now order form and mail it with a check or money order to:

Everything Family

17834 North 41st Avenue

Glendale, Arizona 85308

What they are saying about the Alphabuddies. . .

Prayers of Blessing is a treasure and such a wonderful witnessing tool. As an educator I feel it is so important to get God into our children’s hearts at a young age. I work with children with disabilities and this book is presented in such a way as to reach their minds. This book provides a wonderful way to do just that. Children need to understand and live God's promises in their daily lives. What a great way to witness to their parents as well. I have given this book to everyone I know with small children. I have even used it as a baby present for expectant parents and it has been so well received! We will be using it to conduct our daughter's “Blessing Ceremony” on her upcoming 13th birthday. In it we found a way in involve everyone in the family in her ceremony including her younger brother. Our entire family has been truly blessed by this book. I give it my full endorsement as an educator and a parent.”

-- Julie Butler, M. Ed., Fulton County Schools, Atlanta, Georgia


“My Own Picture Diary is a wonderful therapeutic tool to use with young children at the Shelter, particularly for children who do not possess the verbal skills to express themselves. The children really like this book and respond to it – they can express themselves through drawing when they don't have the words.”

-- Nicole Morales, Clinical Specialist, Austin Children's Shelter


"Hats off to the Smith team for creating The Alphabuddies! Parents and children alike will enjoy this fresh look at Scripture. The powerful paraphrases, prayers and vividly colorful artwork in Prayers Of Blessing combine to form an inviting channel to plant the eternal Word of God in the hearts of young ones.

    My Own Picture Diary adds a wonderful keepsake treasure for parents or grandparents. The whole family will enjoy looking back and remembering together for years to come."

--LeAnn Weiss, author of the Hugs Series and founder of Encouragement Company





About the


JoAnn DeJoria Smith

& Stan Smith


JoAnn DeJoria Smith has been an artist and designer for more than 20 years. "Never let a dream that is in your heart die because someone says you can't do it. I'd received a 'D' in Art in junior high school, so I had no confidence to draw. However, one day I wanted to make my daughter a card, and I started creating these letters." This is how the alphabuddies were born.

Stan Smith is a graduate of Pinecrest Bible Training Center in Salisbury Center, NY, and has been a pastor and Bible teacher for more than twenty years. Stan selected the scriptures and paraphrased them.



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