Ashkii and His Grandfather

Askhii Y El Abuelo

A Native American Bi-Lingual Children's Story

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ASHKII and His Grandfather


Written by

Margaret Kahn Garaway


Illustrated by renowned Navajo Silversmith and Artist

Harry Warren


Translated by

Maria Rebeca Cartes


32  pages, illustrated,

 8 1/2" x 11"


Ages 4-10  

Usually shipped within 72 hours

ISBN # 0-9638851-6-2

Soft Cover



Add this bilingual story to your child's collection today.

ashkii_illust.JPG (196273 bytes)

A bilingual edition of the children's book,  Ashkii and His Grandfather by Margaret Kahn Garaway is now available in Spanish and English. While learning to read in either language readers will have the opportunity to not only enjoy a charming story but learn some interesting aspects of Navajo Indian life. ASHKII and His Grandfather is a book about the relationship of a Navajo grandfather and his young grandson. The boy accompanies his grandfather to the summer sheep camp high in the mountains. Grandfather teaches Ashkii how to protect the livestock from dangerous animals and plants. He encourages Ashkii to draw pictures of what he sees while herding. When it is time to start school Ashkii protests; he doesn't need school if he is going to be a sheepherder. Grandfather urges Ashkii to go to school to become a Navajo artist with the help of this teachers. Becoming bored with school, he and his friend Chee run away to join grandfather in sheep camp. After a trying adventure they return to school. Ashkii becomes content as he learns about art from his teacher.

What They are Saying...

"On our television survey, using the criteria of clarity of style, knowledgeable presentation, and inherent interest, I picked Garaway & Warren's Ashkii and His Grandfather as part of our 'best of' review recommendations for attentive readers."   

James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review, 1989


"This is a fun attractive book that parents and grandparents will choose for their children's entertainment. But I urge elementary teachers to consider Ashkii and His Grandfather in the classroom. The text is appropriate for school-age children, the plentiful illustrations will capture their attention and the interesting story will maintain it. The book is so beautifully illustrated by Harry Warren, renowned Navajo silversmith and artist, that you might be tempted to tear out a page for framing."


Little Professor Book Review, "Ahwatukee Weekly News", Phoenix, AZ

About the Author

oldhog1.jpg (5370 bytes)

Margaret Kahn Garaway

Publisher and Author Margaret Kahn Garaway moved to the Navajo Reservation in 1970, lived there for 17 years, teaching for 13 years upon earning a B.S. in education and a Master's degree in E.S.L. at Northern Arizona University. She graduated summa cum laude and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Kappa Delta Pi. Immersion in Navajo culture led to the writing of The Old Hogan, which is considered to be a seminal piece of writing and is now in its ninth printing. It was followed by two other Navajo ethnic stories. Margaret Kahn Garaway speaks at schools, conferences and adult groups about her books and the art of writing. Retiring to Tucson, Arizona, she started her own publishing company and began to write bilingual (Spanish/English) books. 

Illustrated by renowned Navajo Silversmith and Artist

Harry Warren

Translated by

Maria Rebeca Cartes

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