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Bride's Do-it-Yourself Wedding Planner:

Wedding Attire


Written and illustrated

by Kas Winters

Includes: Selecting attire, shopping comparison charts, traditional and contemporary ideas on wedding attire, finding a supplier or dressmaker, formalwear rental information and more

Soft cover, 52 pages, 81/2" x 11",

plastic spiral binding

Usually shipped within 24 hours

Note: This entire book in included in the "Your Wedding, Your Way, Wedding Planning System".


Make the Best of Choices for your Dream Gown and outfits for your Attendants.

Your wedding dress may be the most expensive and meaningful outfit you will wear, and just about everyone that you care about may see how you look when you wear it.

Winmark's Wedding Attire book will help you to know just what to look for when selecting your bridal gown and attire for your attendants. Whether you plan to have a custom-made gown or shop to you drop, this book gives you questions, lists and comparison charts to guide you through the process.

Formalwear details are here too.

Wedding gowns are an area where it is easy to get caught up in the feeling and lose perspective of the reality. This makes brides a target for dress scams. In this book, I have tried to forewarn and therefore forearm you with the information needed to get just what you really want and just what you ordered.

Your dream dress should be just that. I have seen a dress that actually began to fall apart as a bride danced at her reception. That is not the wedding gown memory I want you to have so I'm offering as much help as possible in this book.

Your Wedding, Your Way Planning Book

yourweddingyourwaycover.JPG (71944 bytes)

With Your Wedding, Your Way, a planning book by Kas Winters, your wedding planning is almost as easy as filling in the blanks.

From the author


Kas Winters

When friends ask why I chose to write a wedding planner, my response is simply that someone should learn from my mistakes! As a graphic artist, executive director and church administrator, I have been involved in event planning for over 30 years. That includes everything from the Arizona State Fair to conferences to business meetings to church gatherings to children's events to family parties, and, of course, weddings.

In addition to planning and organizing events, I've designed special wedding invitations, designed custom wedding jewelry, baked and decorated wedding cakes, done flower arranging, performed in musical groups, taken photos professionally and contracted with professional photographers,  worked with videographers to produce presentations, sewn and designed formalwear, decorated for all types of events and even worked for a caterer! Somehow wedding planning seemed a "natural" direction to go.

Wedding Trivia:

The Tussey Mussey

A tussey mussey traces its origins back to the castles of medieval times when these flower holders were used to carry fresh bouquets of flowers around the halls and rooms to get rid of that musty castle odor! During the Victorian era, tussey mussey bouquets were the rage for weddings, with delicate, lacey looking silver flower holders being very popular. Today, they are once again a beautiful way to hold a bridal bouquet. A tussey mussey also makes a lasting flower holder which can be used in decorating your home while continuing to remind you of you wonderful wedding flowers.

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