What I See, I Can Be

A Guided Yoga Flow for Children

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Combine Yoga, Fitness and Fun to keep Your Children Healthy and Happy.


What I See,

I Can Be

A Guided Yoga Flow for Children


by Janet Williams


Hard cover,  Full color

  32 pages, 8.5" x 8.5"

Printed on environmentally friendly

FSC Certified paper

Recommended for children ages 3-9

ISBN 978-0-9810902-1-4

Includes 30 minute audio CD

What I See, I Can Be

The CD follows postures in book and has soothing background music.

Usually shipped in 48 hours



What I See I Can Colour

Coloring and Activity book

with crayon pack

Includes coloring pages and educational activities including word games, a matching activity, brain teasers, connect the dots, and more.

Includes a set of crayons for instant fun.


Soft Cover, Saddle Stitched

20 pages, 8.5" x 11"

Printed on environmentally friendly

FSC Certified paper


Usually shipped in 48 hours




What I See, I Can Be: Full Size Colour Poster


What I See, I Can Be

Poster shows Yoga positions to inspire children, and to show how to do activities easily and safely.


24" x 36" Full color glossy poster

Printed on environmentally friendly

FSC Certified paper


Usually shipped in 48 hours




Create calm in the classroom or just for yourself.

Total Relaxation CD

Perfect for Stressed out professionals and sleep deprived parents.


Experience the Benefits:

Relaxes, de-stresses, and makes you feel balanced in body and mind.

Allows you to fall asleep faster, sleep longer and better

Helps shift workers and jet-lagged travelers to fall asleep

Calms your mind and promotes serenity and peacefulness

Listen to Audio Sample


33 minutes of visualization with serene, ambient music along with visualization with 30 additional minutes of peaceful music only.




"Silver Medal Winner for the Living Now Book Awards!"

Combine Fitness and Fun without any special equipment.

Give children healthy benefits of yoga, including flexibility, coordination and concentration.

Make exercise easy!
Yoga experience isn't necessary.
Adapt to various levels of ability.
Children and adults enjoy the activity together.
Provide daily physical activity for children (DPA).
Includes 32 page full color book and 30 minute audio CD.
Use in classrooms, gyms and playgrounds.
Perfect for living rooms, backyards and neighborhood parks.
Choose positions with individual CD tracks.
Hard cover book is designed to hold up with use.
The book is printed on environmentally friendly paper.

Listen to Audio Sample

A great resource for:

 Teachers - Kindergarten,
     Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3,
     Phys Ed Teachers, etc...
Parents & Grandparents
     Godparents, Aunts, Uncles,
     friends of the family.
Health Care Professionals
     Nurses, Doctors, Nutritionists,
     Mental Health, Physical Health.
Yoga Studios & Instructors
      Participants, Enthusiasts.
Day Care Centers
     and Children's Providers
Youth Activity Leaders
     Community Activity Leaders,
     Camp Leaders, Sport Coaches.
People who care
     about children’s health.


What I See, I Can Be: The DVD

What I See, I Can Be Interactive Video DVD

This interactive DVD program is easy to follow and a fun way for children to receive the health benefits of yoga.


It is an easy to use resource to promote fitness and fun, so that children lead long, happy and healthy lives.


Excellent for teachers in schools, and parents at home, to share with their children.


30 minutes

Suitable for adults and

children of all ages


Usually shipped in 48 hours





Teachers & Educators
"Exploring Yoga with Children”


Read more about us in "Exploring Yoga with Children” by Karen Nowicki published by “Mom Time TV Show."


Teacher's Resource Materials Book includes:

Yoga Do's and Don'ts

How to get the most out of your classroom's Yoga Experience

Expanding into the school curriculum-- tools and activities

  Black and white masters and more


Soft Cover, Plastic comb binding

73 pages, 8.5" x 11"

Printed on environmentally friendly

FSC Certified paper


Usually shipped in 48 hours


We apologize, there is an error in the catalog, listing this book for $12.95.




About the Author

About Janet Williams

Janet Williams


  Teaching and helping others brings joy to Janet's life. She is a certified Primary-Junior School Teacher who received her Bachelor of Education from York University in 1993.

  Janet has practiced Hatha Yoga since 1988. As an instructor, she studied many styles of Yoga in Canada, Australia, England and Spain, and has been teaching Yoga since 1996.

About Janet Williams

   The author of this children’s picture book is an executive member and the Information Coordinator for the Independent Authors & Illustrators of Canada (IAIC).

   Janet owns a health and wellness organization, Body Light™.  which utilizes the power of Yoga, Goal Setting, Healing and Self Discovery to promote physical and mental health and wellness.

   She is an experienced Project Management Professional (PMP) and consultant who teaches at the corporate and university level.  Committed to promoting healthy children and protecting the environment, Janet is  proud to support the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

What they are saying...


"An easy and innovative way for educators to provide children with
a unique exercise experience”.

 Ruth Augustine, Learning Resource Teacher, District School Board of Niagara

"In these fast-paced and over-stimulated days, it is a joy to find such a resource. It offers children and the adults in their lives the invitation to slow down, get centered, remember our place in nature and improve our fitness. What a wonderful combination! 

Mary Anne Martin, Master of Social Work, Parent to children ages 7 and 8

“Janet Williams has combined yoga instruction, imagination and pure fun in an entertaining, well illustrated and delightful book for children.” 

Greg Turko, Ryerson Continuing Education Faculty

"Yoga is fun to do because you can almost do any yoga pose you want. Yoga is fun to do because Janet is the best yoga teacher in the world."

Cameron, Age 8, from Canada

"In addition to the physical benefits, this book provides a wonderful and creative way to introduce children to the concept of relaxation,  breathing and body awareness.”
 Dorothy Peirce, Elementary Teacher-Librarian, East York Board of Education

A great resource for Primary/Junior Teachers interested in using yoga with their students. Even teachers inexperienced in the arts of yoga can use this book and CD effectively.”
 Kathryn Turnbull, ESL Teacher, Ottawa Carleton District School Board

“Amazing graphics and easy for children to follow. Promotes the benefits of nature’s wonders and our own health. I recommend this book to parents with young children.”
Natalie Bray, Registered Nurse, Champlain Community Care Access Centre



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