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Decorate Easter



Rubber Band Eggs

Eggruband.JPG (22585 bytes)

Begin with a cooled hard-boiled egg. Wrap a rubber band or two around it. (Use narrow, wide or a combination of widths.) Dip the egg in a light color of egg dye such as yellow. Blot off the excess liquid when you remove it from the yellow dye. Add a couple more rubber bands and the dip it in a slightly darker color perhaps and orange or green. Repeat the process. Then add more rubber bands and place it in a darker color such as red or blue. Repeat again, if desired, and finish with more rubber bands and a dark color like purple. After the egg has dried, carefully remove all the rubber bands. The egg will have a great multicolored design with different colors showing thorough from each stage of the process.

eggruband2.JPG (23585 bytes)

Color Drip Eggs


eggs_dripped.JPG (32995 bytes)

Dye hard-boiled eggs with a light color. Then drip one or more colors of dye over eggs with a spoon. Move the egg as you are dripping the color to allow the color to run in various patterns.


Wax Resist Eggs



Make this egg made by dripping hot wax on a hard boiled egg and letting it cool. There are tools sold in craft stores that allow you to do this by melting the wax over a candle flame. (This is not for young children.) You can also draw designs with a white wax crayon and get the same effect. Dip the egg into light colored dye. Let it sit in the dye long enough to get a deep color. Alternately apply more wax with long dye baths. Scrape off wax after colors have dried.



This activity is for older children and teens. Hot wax can cause serious burns.


Fun with EASTER Food

+Bake an Easter Bonnet Cake


+Bake a Lamb Cake


macaroons.JPG (54064 bytes)

+Make Bird Nest Macaroons




Bird Nest Macaroons


Easter Egg Tree


Easter Bonnet Cake


Wobbly Egg Roll Contest


Resurrection Cookies


Easter Books




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Kids' Craft of the


Click on link above.

Make Felt Bunny Jelly Bean Holders

Cut two pieces of felt in the shape of the bunny on the left. The diameter of the face should be approximately 4". Stitch the two pieces together using a blanket stitch or a plain straight stitch. Leave an opening on the head between the ears. Add features with felt (two round pink cheeks), a pink or red pom pom (small in size) for the nose, jiggle eyes, and small pieces of white felt for teeth. Add whiskers, eyebrows or mouth details with black thread and a few embroidery stitches if you choose. When the bunny is done, fill it with jelly beans or Easter colored candy corn and tie the ears together.

Make a Felt Bunny Decoration

Easter Sunday

Decorate eggs. Have an Easter Egg hunt and fill baskets with plastic eggs that have coins, candy or trinkets hidden inside. Attend a church service as a family. Decorate the house with Easter colors and signs of spring.


Make pom pom peeps and bunnies.

Glue pom poms together and glue jiggle eyes in place on the head. Add felt pieces to make a beak for the peep and ears and teeth for the bunny. The whiskers are pieces of string or crochet thread, with a tiny white pom pom for a nose. Add a white pom pom cotton tail. Decorate with some beads, tiny silk or straw flowers, a bonnet, ribbons, a broken eggshell for the peep, etc. Use them for favors, put them with place cards or attach a pin to the back and wear them.

Tissue Eggshell Ornament



Use an empty egg shell for this activity. You can do this by poking a small hole in the top and bottom of a raw egg. Blow through the top hole and blow the egg out through the bottom hole and into a bowl. (It can be used to make a scrambled egg.) Cut small pieces of colored tissue paper and use white craft glue to glue them over the empty empty eggshell. You can use different colors and overlap the tissue pieces. When the glue is dry, decorate the eggshell with ribbons, a bow and a small silk flower or dried flower.


Make a Bunny Basket from a Plastic Milk Jug.


Complete directions can be found in Linda Brittain's BOOK, Taskets. Click on the Bunny!

Clothespin Bunny



Paint a wooden clothespin white. Glue two small jiggle eyes onto a wooden clothespin. Add a couple pieces of string for whiskers and top them off by gluing a pink pom pom nose on top of them. Tie a ribbon around the clothespin, and you have made a bunny. Add a jewelry backing pin to wear this or glue a white pom pom cottontail to the back and hang it as an ornament.


Not quite a story about an Easter chicken, but a great  tale about a rooster who learns a lesson!


Rooster Cover


The Rooster's Feather

by Annie A. Petersen

and JR Kirby

Folktale with a lesson

USD $24.95


MotherLodeCover.JPG (116195 bytes)

Mother Lode

The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy

by Kas Winters

Over 5,000 ideas for tots through teens


and worth its weight in GOLD!

Sweeten your Easter meal with chocolate egg bread pudding


By Portia Little

Author of

“Bread Pudding Bliss”


     Company’s coming for Easter, and along with the usual bunny cakes, colored eggs, and jelly beans, you’d like to surprise your guests with a sensational new dessert this year.

       One way to wow ‘em is with a fragrant bread pudding, accented with chunks of chocolate eggs, and topped with whipped cream and a candy egg.

       A delightful treat that you can make ahead is the order of the day, of course – take the stress out of last-minute prep. Make this bread pudding the day before and keep it in the fridge. Then just scoop out servings on dessert plates for guests to enjoy. The oohs and ahs will keep coming as you bring out this delightful sweet treat for spring, decorated with green, pink, orange, and yellow jelly beans, and topped with small chocolate eggs.

      And if a chocolate bunny friend is sneaking in, trying to attract attention, that’s okay too. Let bunny sit on the plate and enjoy the view.

     This Easter bread pudding comes out very well with almost any kind of bread, but make sure to use stale bread, at least a day or so old (but minus those blue spots, of course) because it more easily absorbs the liquid ingredients in the recipe. If you don’t have stale bread, you can easily dry out fresh bread. Place it in a low oven for about ten minutes, checking to see that it doesn’t get too toasty. Or, let it sit in the air a few hours or overnight.

        Have fun creating a colorful Easter bread pudding. Use your imagination to add some items from your shelf such as mini marshmallows, nuts, dried fruit, or even ice cream sauces.

            Happy Easter!

                 Portia Little





• 3-1/2 cups day-old French or Italian bread, cubed

• 2/3 cup chopped chocolate eggs (or chocolate of your choice)

• 1/2 cup chopped Bing cherries OR fresh raspberries

• 3 large eggs

• 1/2 cup sugar

• 2 cups whole milk

• 1 tablespoon butter

• Cinnamon-sugar


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Place bread cubes in 2-quart buttered baking dish. Mix in chopped chocolate and fruit.  With electric mixer, beat eggs slightly. Beat in sugar; mix in milk. Pour egg mixture over bread. Dot with slivers of butter, then sprinkle on cinnamon-sugar. Bake 45-50 minutes, or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Serve topped with whipped cream or topping. Serves 6-8.


Spring Fun!



Have an

Easter Egg hunt.


Hide plastic Easter egg indoors or out. You can put candy, coins or small toys (like plastic rings) inside, or write silly things on slips of paper. Vary the contents with the age of the children hunting for the eggs. Avoid small toys or coins for the under three crowd.


Give each participating child a basket or bag to collect their eggs. Give all children a signal to start. Keep track of the number of eggs hidden and the total found.


Children like to hunt for eggs. They also like to hide them. Let a child hide eggs for other children or adults to find. It's a fun switch on a traditional game.

Make a Cottonball Peep



Make an Easter "peep" with yellow cotton balls, an egg shell, jiggle eyes and a beak cut from orange paper. Glue two yellow cotton balls together. Glue the bottom cotton ball into a piece of broken egg shell and glue another piece of shell on the top of the head. Cut out a section of an egg carton and place a little Easter basket grass in the carton section. Place the cotton ball chick in the egg carton piece. Cut a beak from orange paper. Fold a tiny piece in half and cut a small triangle shape. Don't cut the folded edge. Glue the fold of the orange paper  to the top cotton ball to make a beak. Glue two jiggle eyes above the beak. Add a small ribbon bow or a tiny silk flower to decorate the peep.


Make a "Quilted" Egg

Cut small pieces of fabrics and use the side edge of a seam ripper to push the edges of each piece of fabric into a Styrofoam® egg. Overlap fabric so the the entire egg is covered. Press "baby" rick-rack into the spaces between the fabric. Add a ribbon for hanging.

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