Erika's Angels

The Secret of the Locket

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Erika's Angels

The secret of the Locket


Written by  

Erika Pogue &  Donna Pogue

Illustrated by 

Erika Pogue and Kas Winters


Recommended for young readers age 7 through 14  - but we've found many adults who love the story too.

Soft Cover, 44 pages

5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Saddle Stitched

Usually shipped within 48 hours

ISBN# 1-892225-09-3


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Grandma Angel Bookmark

8.25" x 3" laminated card

It is printed on an 8.25" x 3" card, and laminated. The edges are cut with decorative scrap-booking scissors and a ribbon is inserted. (Colors vary on the ribbons.) The original illustration, from the book, Erika's Angels, was done using colored pencils

$3.00 each

Tell Stories Together



Reading stories together makes wonderful memories. It builds relationship between children, parents and grandparents. Stories teach lessons that don't always reach them in normal conversations. Oh, and it's just plain fun to do. Take time to read to a child today--or have them read a story to you.

Illustration by Erika

Share this story with a Child or Grandchild. You'll be glad you did.

Erika's Angels, The Secret of the Locket is a story of angels and the love between a grandmother and her granddaughter. It tells of special friendships and of believing. Yes, it is especially about believing. It begins: "We believe in angels, my grandma and I". We think you will fall in love with this story and read it over and over again.

This children's book was written by nine  year old Erika Pogue with the help of her grandmother, Donna Pogue. It began as a Christmas gift to family members from a little girl with a big heart but no money for holiday shopping. Erika and her grandmother conspired and wrote this precious book as a gift. And it truly is a gift to all who read it.

In the story, Erika received a special locket from her grandmother, but did not know its significance until after her dear grandmother passed away. Experience her wonder at miracles and angels. Know that the love between Erika and her grandmother continues to grow between heaven and earth.

This book has been described as one that can help a child heal when there has been a death in the family.

Erika's Angels, The Secret of the Locket is a story that deals with love remaining and growing even after death. It has been a useful tool for some children to help them understand and cope when a dear grandparent passes away. It can help in those multigenerational social situations that involve death and dying. The story itself is written by a child and grandmother and has an uplifting feeling, not a somber one. It really is about believing and loving one another. 

About the Authors

Erika Pogue is a student who puts her family at the top of her priority list. She lives with her parents, big sister, Katie and one big dog. Erika loves chocolate, sports and animals. 


Erika, who wrote this story at age nine, is now an adult. Here is a more recent photo of the author.

Grandma, Donna Pogue lives with Ken, her husband of  over 50 years. Together they enjoy their children and grandchildren. Donna began writing stories for her children. Her interests include family, Christmas, angels, dolls, and reading. Donna has also written a nostalgic Christmas story titled "Gertie's Christmas Magic"

Another Book by

Donna Pogue



Gerties Christmas Magic

A love story about generations of Christmas family traditions

by Grandmother, Donna Pogue

Illustrated by Kas Winters


USD $8.00


About the Illustrator

Kas Winters added some of her illustrations to those that Erika did for Erika's Angels. Kas is the owner of Everything Family and author/illustrator and/or publisher of more than one hundred books.

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