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Luanne Torblaa

    Lu has been in love with needlecrafts since childhood. As a young adult she worked in fabric stores and made many of her own clothes. 

    Her book, Needleweaving was written in 1982 and has been recently revised. 

   Today, Luanne lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area where she sews everything from ski outfits to the easy stuff. She is a wiz at machine embroidery and recently said her motto is, "If it doesn't move, embroider it!"

    Luanne has two daughters and  is a sister of Kas Winters of Winmark Communications. (We said this is a family business.)


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Wedding Shirts

Choose "golf" shirts for the bride and groom as well as T-shirts for the flower girl or ring bearer. Click on photo or underlined type for more photos and information.

Embroidered T-Shirts for Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Devin_Tshirt.JPG (22860 bytes)  ringbearlogo.JPG (18557 bytes)

Choose an embroidered flower with a smiling face for a flower girl or a handsome bear for the ring-"bear"-er.


Shoe Bags

Perfect gifts for bridal attendants. ladies who love their shoes, or for anyone who is traveling. Choose colors to match your wedding. Names can be added for personalization. Click on photo or underlined type for more photos and information.



"Poopa" Ducks

Have some fun with this hand-crocheted duck that holds jelly beans which are dispensed by squeezing them out his back side. Click on photo or underlined type for more photos and information.



Needle Crafts Book


Patterns for Cross stitch on Gingham

by Luanne Torblaa

USD $6.00

Tennis & Pickleball Mitts

Keep hands warm while play in cold weather!

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and Puppeteer

Lindab_2.JPG (89229 bytes)

Linda Brittain

    Linda Brittain has been an avid puppeteer for over twenty years. After retiring from sixteen years of teaching school, she started a puppet business and is both publishing patterns and making a variety of styles of puppets for sale. So far she has published seven books--six with puppet patterns and one with craft patterns using empty plastic milk jugs.

    A member of the Phoenix Puppetry Guild and the Puppeteers of America, Linda does puppetry workshops.

    She also loves to sew and has recently developed a line of specialty bags made with pockets or from blue jeans.


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Denim Jeans Bags

Each denim Jeans bag is unique, made from an actual pair of jeans, with a ribbon "belt", a patterned fabric lining (no choice of fabric) and jean handles added. Average size is approximately 12" x 12" plus straps.


GIFTS for the



Dressed-up Door Stops

Add a decorator touch where no one expects to see it with these lovely, hand-painted doorstops.


The artist makes each one a unique creation, using combinations of  variety of colors, flowers, leaves, and other beauties of nature such as chili peppers.


Chose a color scheme to match a room and Linda will make your own
one-of-a-kind doorstop. These are not only pretty, they function
well and hold doors open too.

Large:  6 3/4 x  1 1/2  x 1 1/2

Large Painted Doorstop

by Linda Morales

USD $13.00

Small:  5 x 1 1/2 x  1 3/8

Small Painted Doorstop

by Linda Morales

USD $12.00



Sewn from the Heart

by Alicia 

  Sewing and writing are art to Alicia who was was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and ADHD. The things she sews are items that she uses to make things easier for herself, and she's sure they will be appreciated by others as well. Neither of her diagnoses was made until later in life. She is permanently in a wheelchair and cannot walk. If it weren't for the proper medications, she wouldn't be able to move her fingers to be able to sew these items or write poetry for her book. God is given all the credit and is the reason she has the strength to write and to live each day of her life.


with Velcro Straps


with Velcro Straps



Phyllis Karow-Trella

Award winning Artist, Poet,

Author and Illustrator

    Phyllis Karow-Trella's deep love for life, children, all of creation, and Mother earth, has been the inspiration and motivating force that moved her into artistic expression.

    Discouraged early in life by a high school art teacher who said her work wasn't good enough, she waited until she had children of her own before she again tried to find her way artistically. She is now a mother of four grown children, grandmother to sixteen grandchildren and great grandmother to one child.

    Phyllis' education in art encompasses multiple years of personal study and private instruction in various mediums. Her work has been shown is juried art shows as well as theme conferences and seminars throughout the southwest and has earned her ribbons, certificates and purchase awards. 

    Pastels are her favorite vehicle of expression at this time, however, Karow-Trella enjoys using a variety of mediums including: acrylics, oil, watercolors, pencil, mixed media and fabric. Although her art provides her the greatest satisfaction in expressing her love of life, Phyllis is also an award winning poet, author and illustrator of children's books.


Phyllis' creations are displayed, admired and sold in galleries and juried art shows across the southwest. Her work has earned her Best-of-Show awards, Blue Ribbons and the gratitude of countless proud owners.


Phyllis Karow-Trella Sandstone Prints

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