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July 4th

Celebrate with a Special Dinner or Picnic

Traditionally, Fourth of July Independence Day celebrations include a picnic of some sort. Choose from a variety of picnic foods and include some of the favorites like watermelon, fresh cherries or berries. There are some photos of Americana-style desserts below and in the right-hand column.

Add a little pizzazz with some decorations and party games. A water balloon toss or wet sponge tossing game can help keep everyone cool on a hot summer day. Let children play in the sprinklers. If you have a pool and plenty of adult supervision for children, you can cover a watermelon with oil and see who can get it out of the pool. (It's like trying to catch a greased pig--or so I've heard--never tried to catch a pig, so I'm not an authority on that part.) Let kids play with drums and other musical instruments--anything that makes a good noise will do--strike up a kid's band and celebrate. Decorate trikes or bikes with red, white and blue crepe paper and balloons and have your own parade.


Get a copy of the Declaration of Independence and actually READ IT. Take advantage of the holiday to teach a little history. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson was just 33 years old when he wrote the Declaration? Find interesting facts about the founding fathers. It can be fun!


Of course, after the picnic, find a great place to watch some fireworks! Then take some time to pray for those who are currently in harm's way and defending your freedom. It matters.

The Glow-Lite Entrepreneur

This was something that our youngest son did for two years in a row. It turned out to be fun and he made about $80, which isn't bad for a kid of 7 or 8. He ordered glow-in-the dark products in red, white and blue from Oriental Trading Company. (See the link at the top of  the column to the far right). Because he bought them in bulk, he was able to mark up the price enough to make a profit. Then he sold them in the parking lot where people had gathered to watch fireworks for the Fourth of July. We had a business license at the time, but if you decided to do this, you can often get a one-day or event license or permit for such a project. Check with your local city/state for information. Depending on the location, you might also need a local permit or permission of some sort to sell things. It really was fun. Of course, don't let a child out of your sight while they are going around to sell anything. Keep them safe, but let them have a good time if it's an experience that is of interest to them.

Patriotic Face Painting


Paint red, white and blue designs on everyone's face. Use washable paints, clown greasepaint or a little of mom's make-up. Usually, kids of all ages are fond of face painting. A simple red or blue star will do for a youngster, while an order child might want to experiment with a more dramatic look. Get in the holiday spirit with some stars and stripes in patriotic colors.

Decorate an American



Start with a red, white or blue plain T-shirt. Add fabric pieces that can be ironed-on, stitched or held in place with fabric glue. Sew on colorful buttons, bows, stars or other items. Use fabric paint to decorate. If you are handy with a computer, you can make your own iron-on print and iron it directly onto a T-shirt. Have fun dressing in red, white and blue together.

Caribbean Day

July 5th


Have an Island Picnic

Have an Island picnic. make a creative centerpiece from fruits and vegetables. (This example was made by a 10 year old girl who used carrots and bell peppers to make the palm trees, a hollowed-out piece of pineapple for a hut and a slice of orange for a canoe with a carrot lice for a paddle and a cucumber shark in the water. The water is made from blue Jell-O and the white sand is sugar.)


For a simple picnic, focus on fruit salad with some grilled meats and tropical beverages.


Check out this Caribbean Children's Story:

Jonah, the Mouse and the Goat

A Caribbean tale for children

by Fangette Willet

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

July 10th

This is a great day to invite a teddy bear or two to lunch. Younger children really do enjoy this activity. Have a simple picnic with sandwiches and fruit in the back yard or take a fast food lunch or dinner to the park and enjoy it there with the bears. If you have a small, child-size, table, give each bear a seat and a place setting. If you can find a good teddy bear story, read it today. If you happen to remember the song about the Teddy Bear Picnic, by all means, sing it out loud!

Click for Teddy Bear Books and Gifts for Teddy Bear Lovers of All Ages!

Go West Day

July 13th

Make a Rattlesnake Puppet using a Paper Plate

Celebrate the West by making a paper plate rattlesnake puppet. Start by drawing the head in the center of the plate and then make a spiral (about 1 1/2" wide) from the neck around the plate to the tail. If the plate has ridges, those work well for the rattles. Cut it out and color it any way you choose. Of course, diamondback rattlers have diamond shapes on them! Then to operate it, cut a piece of index card the same size and shape as the head. Staple it underneath the head and that gives you a place for your finger to operation the puppet. For an actual, full scale pattern for this puppet and other Southwestern Animal puppets, we carry a book by Linda Brittain, titled Southwest Animal Paper Plate Puppets. Take a look:


Amelia Earhart Day

July 24th

Watch something fly! Go to an air show, or just find a place to park where you can watch the planes take off and land at a local airport. See how many you can identify. Take a walk in the evening and count the planes you see flying overhead. (Watch for the moving lights.)


Make your own things to fly: paper airplanes; rockets; gliders; cardboard tubes; or parachute fliers made with a handkerchief or small piece of fabric, string and a clothespin or a small plastic toy figure.


Play with toy planes or rockets. Celebrate flying in whatever way appeals to you and spend a little time discussing the life and accomplishments of Amelia.

A tribute to Firefighters, who are heroes all year long, and a message of safety about fireworks.


Franny the Fireplug

by Mitch Townley

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Spirit of America

 A tribute to victims of 911 with traditional American recipes included


Put the FUN in Parenting!

Mother Lode

The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy

Over 5,000 Ideas for Tots through Teens

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Some decorations and desserts from our family Independence Day Celebrations



















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