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Dr. Seuss' Birthday

March 2nd

Read a Dr. Seuss Tongue Twister Book

Of course, the best way to celebrate Dr. Seuss is to read one of his books, out loud, together. If you are not familiar with his tongue twisters you will be surprised by how much fun they are. The first time I ever read, Oh Say, Can You Say?, I was, literally, rolling on the floor laughing with tears rolling down my cheeks. Your tongue definitely does get tied in knots and laughter happens every time we read the book together. The illustrations are fun for children and his nonsense, made-up words are terrific for young readers who are learning to sound things out! As an extra bit of celebration, you could wear a "cat in the hat" style hat while reading or perhaps have a dessert of "beautiful scholpp with a cherry on top".

Celebrate Purim

Date changes each year


The Jewish feast of Purim is great fun for children. This feast celebrates the decision of King Ahasuerus to save the Jews. The children make noisemakers which they twirl to make drown out the name of Haman, the enemy to the Jews when the Book of Esther is read. Celebrations for this holiday include face painting, sack races, sponge throwing, costumes contests and carnival style games and activities. Children sometimes wear crowns as part of their costumes.

Make a Purim Rattle

To make a Purim rattle, decorate two heavyweight paper plates using felt pens, crayons or glued pieces of construction or tissue paper. Place some dried beans in one of the plates. Glue a paint stick or tongue depressor partially into one of the plates. Glue the two plates together with the beans inside. Make holes and tie ribbon streamers around the edges of the plates. When the glue is completely dry, shake the rattle and it will make a great noise.

Albert Einstein's Birthday

March 14

(Also National Pi Day--

Pi =3.14)

Try a Science Experiment

Experiment with rockets. Try different types. The simplest form of a rocket, and one that most kids enjoy, consists of a half tablet of Alka-Seltzer which is placed in a small empty film container which is filled about halfway with water. Cap the container lightly and shake it before setting it down on the ground and running away. The container will shoot into the air to the delight of all. (This is not a good activity for young children, unless an adult is placing the container and watching the child carefully.)

   You can make or purchase sling-shot styles of rockets which can be made out of Styrofoam or even clothespins. They are operated with a rubber band used like a slingshot to send the rocket flying.

   If you have a tire pump, you launch empty plastic two liter soda bottles as rockets. Try a search engine for information if you need details.

   There are various sizes and styles of kits available at Hobby Stores that contain parts and instructions for making and launching rockets.

  Whatever kinds of rockets you use, tie the activity in with Einstein's Birthday. There are many quotes by Einstein and they can be easily found on-line and use for discussion. Our favorite is: "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

March 15

Celebrate Children

Today has a perfect excuse to take a break from work of all kinds and spend a little time playing. Blow bubbles. Tell stories. Take a walk together and count all the birds you see or all the airplanes that fly overhead while you are walking. Build something with blocks. Put a jigsaw puzzle together. Play a board game. Have a tea part and include dolls and stuffed animals at your table. Just play and listen to what your child or children have to say.

   Then celebrate with a favorite meal, a picnic, a dessert or something else that is special.

   Make up a ribbon that says, "I am one incredible kid" and give it to your child.



St. Patrick's Day

March 17

Play Leprechaun Games and Celebrate with an Irish Dinner

Play hot potato by passing a potato around from one person to another while Irish music is playing. (Any music will work, but Irish music adds to the fun.) The person holding the potato when the music stops is "out". The game continues until there is only one person left. The idea is to pass the potato quickly so that you won't get caught holding it.

   Use green paint or markers to write "Blarney Stone" on a stone. Pass your Blarney Stone around. As each person gets they stone they make an outlandish "Tall Tale" statement and then pass it to the next person. (Kissing the stone is optional.)

   Read Irish folk and Fairy Tales.

   Play Irish music and dance a jig or try some step dancing. Sing along with favorite Irish tunes like "Danny Boy", "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" or "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen".

   Decorate with green construction paper shamrocks. Fill a pot with gold foil-covered chocolate coins and place your "Pot of Gold" at the end of a rainbow. (Children can color a rainbow on a sheet of butcher paper.)

   When it comes to dinner. Think Irish and think green. Irish stew with potatoes or corned beef and cabbage are standard, as is Irish soda bread. Add green food coloring to drinks. Make some green Jell-O or green pistachio pudding. If you have a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter, make some cookies and decorate them with green icing.



Tie three green lollipops together to make a shamrock.

Johnny Appleseed Day

March 18th

Plant something

Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees that provided many apples that people enjoyed years after he planted the seeds. In his honor enjoy a treat of an apple and plant something for your family to enjoy.  

    Sweet potatoes are a very satisfying plant for children to grow. They usually grown quickly, get very large and require very little care.

Place several sturdy, round toothpicks around the "waist" of a sweet potato and use them to balance the potato in a jar of water so that half of the potato is in the water and half is above the water. For a quick start, you can sit it in a closet or dark place for a day or two. Just keep water in the jar and watch it grow. We have had several try to take over our entire kitchen after they filled up the window area. You can also wait until a sweet potato begins to get sprouts and bury it in the dirt outside. Let it grow, and in the fall, you can harvest sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner.

Feast of

St. Joseph,

The Carpenter

March 19th

Build Something Using Wood

This could be as simple as playing with wooden blocks or scrap pieces of wood. You could make a simple wooden boat by gluing or nailing scrap pieces of wood together.

Make a birdhouse, a cutting board, a trivet with a ceramic tile on top or a wooden scrapbook cover. Vary the project with the age and ability of the child involved. Use as many tools as possible and let older children carefully use power tools with supervision. Include using sandpaper and staining or painting the finished project if possible.

Big Bird's Birthday

March 20th

Make a birdfeeder

A very simple birdfeeder can be made by turning an empty plastic two-liter soda bottle upside down and cutting some holes in it. Run some wooden dowels through holes on opposite sides of the bottle to make perches. Fill the bottle with birdseed, cap it and hang it outdoors. You can also string popcorn and berries and hang it in trees.


MotherLodeCover.JPG (116195 bytes)

Mother Lode

The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy

by Kas Winters

Over 5,000 ideas for tots through teens


and worth its weight in GOLD!

Kids' Craft of the Month

Single Parents' Day

March 21st

Treat Yourself

If you're a single parent, you probably deserve a special treat of some kind. If childcare is available take advantage of it and get out and do something just for you. It might be shopping, lunch or dinner out, or just a walk in a park. If you need to be at home, find some time for a cup of tea and a magazine or a book. Take a relaxing bubble bath after the kids are in bed. Just sit and do nothing while listening to music. Even if you just get 15 or 30 minutes all to yourself, it can make a difference in your day.

National Sing Out Day

March 18th

 Sing in Rounds, Sing in Harmony, Sing in the Car

Sing! Sing kid's songs like Row, Row, Row Your Boat and sing in rounds. Sing oldies but goodies. Sing in Harmony. Sing folk songs. Sing your favorite pop hits. Sing Broadway tunes. Sing together. Sing in the car instead of listening to the radio or sing along with the radio. Just have some fun and do it together.

Harry Houdini's Birthday

March 24th

Learn a Magic Trick

Children love magic! Learn a card trick or get information on how to do other simple magic tricks. There are plenty of books and websites available with information. (As the mother of two magician sons, I'm sworn to secrecy on "How did you do that?", but researching and reading is a great activity for kids!)

Make up Your Own Holiday Day

March 26th

Create a Family Celebration

Of course you can come up with any theme for a celebration that works for your family, but here are some ideas for a Pirate Celebration. You could also use these ideas for a child's birthday celebration.

Raft favor made from pretzel sticks held together with powdered sugar and milk frosting. A Lifesaver and fish crackers are on board. Use a gum drop to hold a toothpick with a sail nametag.


Snacks can include gold-foil covered chocolate coins, Goldfish crackers and fish gummies.


Kids can play in empty box boats. Pirate eye-patches can be made with felt and ribbon. A sword can be a piece of cardboard covered with aluminum foil. The top of a 2 liter plastic bottle can be used to make a "hook" if you cover it with foil and shape the hook from a piece of rolled foil.


Pirate is made of clothing stuffed with newspapers, a mask, glove, hook made as described above, scarf and mask.


Don't forget to talk like a pirate! Have fun making a treasure hunt activity, and wearing newspaper pirate hats. You might even read something about pirates to get a real story.

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