Silly Ol' Max, the Funny Yorkie-Poo


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Silly Ol' Max, the Funny Yorkie-Poo


Written by  

Mary Martha Marcotte


Illustrated by 

Kas Winters


Recommended for young readers

age 3 through 10

and animal lovers of all ages


Soft Cover, 28 pages

8.5" x 8.5,  Saddle Stitched

Usually shipped within 48 hours




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$15.00 + tax & shipping

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$16.50 + tax & shipping

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To personalize with a child's name, list the name in the "comments" section of the order form.

$15.00 + tax & shipping

Choose Child's size below.

$16.50 + tax & shipping

Choose Adult's size below.

An Early Reader Rhyming Book

 for Animal Lovers

of All Ages


This is MAX!


When my husband and I moved to Texas from Arizona, we had many hours of playing with our grandchildren Christopher and Austin. As each became of age for kindergarten, I began to work with them, getting them ready for school and their journeys as lifelong learners.


They loved to spend the day with their "Nana and Poppy." We read books and went to the library to check out more books, created books of our own, and played with Max.  



The boys would tell me things that Max could do for them, and we made up rhymes about Max's newfound skills: and thus, the rhymes in the book were born. It started out as an exercise to teach rhyming with as many things as we could, but it quickly became a game to make the words into meaningful language. As we laughed, I wrote everything down so we could remember and enjoy them later. The book was created in the spirit of that fun, literacy, and love of reading. Children love to see their words in print, and enjoy sharing their efforts!


Mary Martha Marcotte





Read with a child...

Reading strengthens relationships and teaches children lessons that they are likely to remember. Of course, you are also creating a memory of special time together, and that is priceless. Read to a child or let them read to you.

About the Author

Mary Martha Marcotte 


Since earning her teaching certificate 1967, Mary Martha Marcotte spent 36 years in and out of multidisciplinary classrooms as K-8 teacher at Alta Vista Elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona. During this time, "Mimi" and her husband of more than 40 years raised their three children,

Allyson, Tony, and Kathryn, which furthered her love for learning, children, and books.


Mimi and Ken moved to Texas in 2006 to lovingly fill the roles of “Nana and Poppy" to their two grandsons, Christopher and Austin. She excitedly began working with them—reading, rhyming, writing and creating stories, and lyrics to songs.

This author enjoys writing, reading and singing. She knits, crochets and carves wooden figures in her spare time. Mimi loves to winter in Arizona.


About the Illustrator

Kas Winters

Kas has published almost 60 books, including 16 of her own. She lives in her beloved Arizona with her husband, Roger, grown children, and active grandchildren. Kas mentors scouts, celebrates holidays (which her family calls "Cecil B. de Kas productions") and takes photos non-stop. She sings Broadway tunes, cooks from scratch, and camps in the woods. A graduate of Arizona State University, she insists that writing is like eating and breathing, an essential part of living, and dreams that her work will make a positive difference to families.


What they are saying about Max...


From Kas...

I so enjoyed drawing the pictures for this book. The combination of story, rhyme, and giggles is quite a delight!



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