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Parents -- Teach Your Kids

by Minister Phil Waring


The dismissal bell may have rung for the last time until fall, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that leaning stops for our children. It does depend if parents are going to baby sit their kids this summer or become proactive and plan for summer of learning.
    If you child needs academic help that you cannot facilitate, by all means, consider summer school or a tutor. Kids that could use some physical activity can be enrolled in exercise classes, dance, swimming lessons or take-in one of our wonderful mountain camping programs.

   Some parents will stock-up on snacks and cold drinks and put their children in front of video games and television for the summer. Other will expect their kids to be at a friend's house swimming or playing games. Wise parents will give their kids time to decompress after a good school year, but will still want their kids to learn more. 
   "Disneyland Dads" should start thinking now. Absent or part-time parents that find themselves spending some extended time with their children should especially concentrate on what their kids will learn from them.

    A lot of teaching by parents comes about due to circumstances. Some parents don’t say much about telling the truth until one of the kids tells a lie. Many parents don’t say much about alcohol until one of the kids asks or experiments. As the school year ends and there is still some time to plan, we can ask: What can we teach our kids that teachers can’t?

    I’m not suggesting that anyone develop an extension of classroom instruction. However, some important learning can take place if a few goals are set.

    Depending upon the age of your child, you’ll want to decide what they can handle. Your five-year-old will not appreciate a lesson on how compound interest nearly made you bankrupt, but he or she might learn a little about you and life if you looked together at the web sites that you visit.

    Some children could spend ten minutes looking at your checkbook and bill statements as you explain how bills get paid. Pointing out where your money goes does teach your children much about your values.

    You have a really good friend, right? Spend some time this summer talking with your child about friends and why someone is your friend. Talk about boundaries between friends and how friends influence you, and let your child build expectations for his or her future friendships.
    As soon as you can, teach your child the value of trust and what’s really important in life. You’ll have to decide how you will present the value of relationships and the value of possessions and how you balance them in your life. To assume they are learning isn’t enough. Ask enough questions so that you are satisfied they are leaning.

    Find some way of explaining why you are proud to be a family. Children who know a lot about their family history are sometimes conscious of the history they are making in their family today.

    Isn’t it time to start equipping our children with ways of handling difficulties? If we can find a way to explain how we get through tough times, perhaps our children will be better equipped for struggles.

    And what about this “religion?” Will we allow an institution like a church or Sunday school take the entire responsibility for teaching our children about prayer, faith, life purpose and destiny? Those are some “far out” concepts that mature adults can accept. However, those concepts might be better learned if experienced and reinforced in every day life at home.

    Can we set goals of teaching our children some things they won’t learn in school? We can become better parents this summer! Here are a few suggestions:

• Be grateful and thankful for your child.

• Take a short class on parenting.
• Work on a strategic sense of humor.

• Hang out with some good parents that you admire.

• Set goals for your own improvement …do you need to spend more time, supervise homework, or prepare meals in advance? Pick a goal and be a winner!
• Make sure you are mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally happy.

   It’s been said, “When you teach a child, you teach the child’s child.” Here’s a final question before that school bell rings. Ask, “What if every parent was just like me?”

Ideas from  Kas Winters, "The Mother of Family Ideas"


Father's Day


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For a Father's Day Gift that gives dad, grandpa, or other family guy a hug from everyone, purchase a plain t-shirt and have everyone in the family make handprints on it.

Spend time with your children doing everyday, simple things.

Be Silly Together

Do something silly. Every family has their own silly things, so the silly things that we do might not appeal to you and yours. Of course, they might also make you chuckle. The guys like to play music with their noses. (No, I can't explain how they do it, but it's hysterical to watch.) They cross their eyes and make it look like one eye is chasing the other. They are masters at making funny faces. Playing with words and coming up with amusing meanings and nuances is another favorite activity. Silly doesn't cost anything. It doesn't take a lot of time. Silly does build relationships and make some great memories. Have a silly time with dad on his special day.

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