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Have a Tea Party for Mom or Grandma

An afternoon tea can be as simple or fancy as you choose. We do them for fun at our house, even when it isn't Mother's Day. Everyone gets to choose their own special tea cup. We also make an occasional special occasion of going for tea at a local tea room. It makes memories and helps children feel special too.

    Make it a time for dressing up and conversation. Have a variety of teas, some light snacks or tea sandwiches and desserts. For more information and tea products, click here. For an article on tea sandwiches, click here.

Mother's Day Butterfly Clip


Materials: Spring-Clip clothespin, Felt scraps or craft foam, Felt Marker, Jiggle eyes (optional), Pipe Cleaner (for antenna), Beads, Sequins, tiny silk flowers, or other trims (optional), Craft Glue, Magnet (a piece of magnetic strip with a sticky back is best)

Directions:  Cut butterfly wing shapes from felt scraps, poster board, or craft foam. Make 2 sets of two wings. Decorate wings with felt markers, paint or by gluing beads or sequins on the wings. Using the clip clothespin as a body (with the open side down), glue the felt wings in place. Use markers to make eyes or glue jiggle eyes to the head. Cut a pipe cleaner and glue two pieces in place at the top of the head for antennae. Place the magnetic strip on the back and your butterfly is ready to hold notes or special drawings "made for mom" on the refrigerator door.


Give Mom a Night Off!



Make a door-hanger for mom that says "Enjoy your peace and quiet" on one side, and MOM'S NIGHT OFF, "Quiet, Do Not Disturb" on the other side. Of course the important part is letting her use it and giving mom even a little bit of quiet time for herself. You could combine it with some bubble bath, a scented candle, and soft music or other items to make her break a relaxing and pleasant one.

Give Mom Hugs & Kisses

Make a bear using felt, craft foam™, construction paper, fabric, or just draw or paint one on a piece of paper. Then attach a chocolate Hershey's Kiss® to the bear to give mom hugs and kisses.

You can also combine Hershey's Hugs® with Hershey's Kisses® and wrap them in tulle with a ribbon. Add a note that says something like: To My Sweet Mom for Mother's Day. Contents: hugs and kisses, Net Weight: a bushel and a peck


A Spot of Tea

Brenda's English

Afternoon Tea Primer

by Brenda Williams

USD $10.95

Make a Pencil Holder Just for Mom

Materials:  A clean, empty soup can, (other cans will work, but many soup cans now have a safer pull-off opener), craft sticks, paint, ribbon, decorative items, glue or glue gun (for older children or for adult use).

Directions: Glue craft sticks all the way around the soup can. If you are using craft glue hold the sticks in place until the glue dries thoroughly. Paint the sticks and the can. Decorate it. This sample used craft foam flowers on painted matchstick stems with ribbon. Felt, silk flowers, buttons, beads, stickers and many other decorative materials can be used. You could even paste a photo of a child or grandchild on the can.

Give Mom a Cookie Bouquet

Bake some cut-out cookies in flower shapes. (Start from scratch or use refrigerator dough purchased from the grocery store.) Decorate the cookies with frosting and pretty sprinkles. Glue green construction paper leaves to some green pipe cleaner stems. Use frosting to attach the cookies to the stems and place your cookies in a box that has been lined with tissue paper. (The stems won't connect well to the flowers, they are really just for "presentation".) Add a bow. Wrap the box and give mom a dozen cookie flowers. (It can be less than a dozen depending on the size of your box. They will look best if the box is not overcrowded.)

Decorate a Flower Pot

Decorate a flower pot for mom or grandma. Use paint and/or glue decorations to the pot. Fill the pot with soil and plant some flower seeds in it. Or make paper or craft foam flowers, glue them to craft sticks and "plant" your paper flowers in clay or salt dough which has been placed in the pot.

Decorate a T-Shirt for MOM

Paint a T-shirt for mom or get an extra long T-shirt that she can use as a night-shirt and paint it with "Sweet Dreams".

Take a Walk with MOM

Make a Bracelet

Most children love to string beads. Give children a length of dental floss and let them string pretty beads to make a bracelet as a gift. Younger children can string beads onto a pipe cleaner. It's easier for them.

Tea & Girlfriends

A delightful combination for fun!

by Brenda Williams

USD $10.95



MotherLodeCover.JPG (116195 bytes)

Mother Lode

The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy

by Kas Winters

Over 5,000 ideas for tots through teens


and worth its weight in GOLD!

Kids' Craft of the Month

"Mother Love"

Greeting Card

Painting by Artist

Maxine Musgrave

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I Want You to Know Me

Love, Mom

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Tillie's Dime of Dreams

A personal treasure

Kids' Craft of the MONTH

Make a frame for mom or grandma

Click for Teddy Bear Books and Gifts for Teddy Bear Lovers of All Ages!

Discover parenting pathways that work for your family.

Raising A Happy Spirit

by Julianna Lyddon

USD $8.95


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