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Written by Luanne Torblaa

Illustrated by Kas Winters

Soft Cover, 16 pages,

 8 1/2" x 11", Saddle stitched

Usually shipped within 24 hours





needlewpillow.JPG (47075 bytes)

If you like Cross Stitch, you will love Needleweaving!

Needleweaving is  a traditional stitching art, also known as "chicken scratch". The technique uses embroidery floss on gingham fabric to create intricate designs that almost look like lace. If you like to cross stitch, you'll love needleweaving.

The designs can also be worked on dotted Swiss or printed dot patterns by using the dots as a guide instead of the gingham squares. Needleweaving has over a dozen designs and instructions that are easy-to-follow.

Order yours today and start stitchin'.

Includes 10 patterns and instructions.

needlwdress.JPG (34058 bytes)

needleweaveorn.jpg (151264 bytes)

Holiday ornament  made by needleweaving.

About the Author

luanne.JPG (16617 bytes)

Luanne Torblaa

Lu has been in love with needlecrafts since childhood. As a young adult she worked in fabric stores and made many of her own clothes. 

Needleweaving was written in 1982 and has been recently revised. 

 Today, Luanne lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area where she sews everything from ski outfits to the easy stuff. She is a wiz at machine embroidery and recently said her motto is, "If it doesn't move, embroider it!"

Luanne has two daughters and  is a sister of Kas Winters of Everything Family. (We said this is a family business.)

Some Stitchin' Secrets

Knots to You

Ever get a bundle of knots when you try to separate 6 ply embroidery floss or 3 ply yarn? Tightly grab hold of the entire cut piece of yarn or floss and then separate a single piece (1 ply). Pull it straight out while holding tightly to the remaining pieces. If you want to stitch with 3 ply floss, put three individual pieces back together and thread them through the needle.


Avoid "Fuzz-in-Mouth" Syndrome

When working with yarn, do you ever get a mouth full of fuzz when trying to thread a needle? Cut a piece of paper about one inch long and tall enough so that it will fit through the eye of the needle. Fold it in half so that it is 1/2" long. Place the end of the yarn in the fold and thread the fold of the paper through the eye of the needle. No more fuzz!

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