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All Saints Day

Honor family members who have passed away



November 1st

This is a day to remember and honor your family members who have passed away. Take time to gather as a family, perhaps in the evening, and do something to recall special family members. Look at photographs if you have some. Talk about the good things they did in their lives and the ways in which they showed their love for family and for others. Light a candle and pray in whatever way your family chooses.

All Souls Day


Dia de los Muertos

(Mexican Day of the Dead)

Celebrate Dia de los Muertos



November 2nd

The Mexican heritage contains many activities for Dia de los Muertos. Unlike the common culture in the United States, which often pretends death does not exist, Mexican traditions have an entirely different perspective. They make dead men's bread, which is shaped like skulls. Children are given candies shaped like skulls and coffins. Toys and cake are left out in memory of children who have died. Death is embraced instead of denied. It is a time to honor all those who have died. Learn about these traditions by going to the library or searching on-line. Together, do something that you have learned to celebrate this day.

Veterans' Day

Celebrate Family Heroes

November 11th


Talk with your children about family heroes. Look at photos of them if you have some available. Watch a parade together and salute the veterans as they march by or pass by on a float or in a vehicle. Send a letter or a package with useful items to someone who is serving in the military.

Attend a High School Football Game



Enjoy a local high school football game as a family. Encourage your team by joining the cheerleaders and making a good noise. Enjoy the

halftime show by the marching band. Have a snack and an evening of fun. (We hope your team wins!)


















National Author's Day

E-mail an Author! Get to know someone who has published a book

Book Lovers' DAY

November 1st

Send an e-mail to author, Kas Winters at

List "e-mail an author" in the subject line. Ask questions about writing, illustrating or publishing a book. If you would like to hear from another author who is listed on this website, let Kas know and, if possible, your e-mail will be sent to that author for a reply.

Hug a Bear Day

Tell a Bear-y Good Story



November 7th

Read a story together or just make one up about a bear. Of course, there are classic fairy tales and stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Snow White and Rose Red, or Little Brown Bear, but you can also look for others. The best part is hugging a teddy bear while you listen to the stories.

Click for Teddy Bear Books and Gifts for Teddy Bear Lovers of All Ages!

Parade Day

Have a  Bike and Wagon Parade

November 9th


Get a couple of friends together and decorate your bikes, trikes, wagons or other vehicles and march down the sidewalk together. You can jazz it up by wearing costumes, playing marching band music on a CD,  or even playing music of your own on anything from a real instrument to wooden spoon drumsticks. Take some photos so that you will remember how much fun you had, and even how silly you might have looked.

Harvest Seed Art

Collect seeds from outdoors or get a package of dried 9 bean soup or a package of seeds for planting. Glue the seeds to a terra cotta pot to decorate it or use them to make a collage picture by gluing them onto a piece of poster board.

Thanksgiving Ideas

Click Here for a full page of Thanksgiving Activities

If your Thanksgiving family activities include visiting turkeys at a farm, remember to say "hi" to the Roosters!

The Rooster's Feather

by Annie A. Petersen

and JR Kirby

Folktale with a lesson

USD $24.95


Election Day

Discuss the Issues and Candidates as a Family





Vote for those candidates you believe will do the best job in office. Spend time talking politics with your child or children. They hear so much during political campaigns, and much of it can be confusing to them, especially in situations where there is mudslinging. Talk about values, talk about your choices or about how or why you make your choices. For older children, acquire or make a sample ballot and let them fill it out after reading and getting information on-line and in the news about candidates. Let them track the winners and compare the list of winning candidates with the choices they made.

Homemade Bread Day

Bake Bread in Animal Shapes.



November 17th


If you have the luxury of time together, bake you own bread, from scratch. It's really an awesome experience and something everyone should try at least once. However, if you are on a busy schedule, juggling work and children with home and other obligations, you can have fun by purchasing frozen bread dough and following the directions on the package. When you get to the section in the directions where you shape the loaf of bread, let your child or children shape in into an animal shape on a flat cookie sheet.

it could be a bear, a dog, cat, mouse, pig or even an imaginary critter. Place raisins for eyes, nose and mouth. Bake the bread and enjoy eating it together.

Celebrate the Birthday of Mickey Mouse

Learn about Walt Disney, the imaginative creator of the famous mouse


November 18th

Most children know plenty about Disney characters, Disneyland, and the Disney channel on television. Do a little research and find out about the man who started it all, include Mickey. Children might be surprised to learn that Walt was not permitted to play with toys when he was young, that he had many financial struggles along the way as he tried to make his dreams into reality. Put a real side to what it takes to succeed.


Stamp Print with Apples



Cut an apple in half and press it into some red, green, or yellow paint that has been spread onto a plate or other smooth surface. Press the paint-covered apple surface onto a piece of fabric or a sheet of paper. Repeat with different colors and even different sizes or shapes of apples. Make a design. 

Put the FUN in Parenting!

Mother Lode

The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy

Over 5,000 Ideas for Tots through Teens

By Kas Winters 

USD $20.00


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