The Quickening

A Story of Love, Hope, and the Miracle of Life

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The Quickening Cover 

The Quickening


by Dan D'Aurelio

Illustrated by Barb D'Aurelio

Cover design by Kas Winters


Soft Cover, 96 pages,

5 1/2" x 8 ", Perfect Bound



The Quickening

 e-pub version

Can be read on Nook, Sony, and Apple Readers



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The Quickening

Kindle Version

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If you, or someone you know, is trying to make a decision about an unexpected pregnancy, please seek help. Don't make an uninformed decision.


A young woman's life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself in an unplanned pregnancy. Confused, scared, alone, she weighs her options and makes the only decision that makes sense to her. In her womb, her baby discovers its sense of self-awareness and, with guidance from a heaven-sent mentor, anticipates its life on earth.

The Quickening captures the stark reality of a woman's choices when confronted with an unwanted baby. Do I have the baby? Do I abort it? Do I give it up for adoption? Tough questions like these are being asked everyday by millions of women.

Sometimes, the hardest decision is whether to trust in the Lord or not. To hand our problems and situations over to Him, to give Him what He already has . . . control. With a baby's life hanging in the balance, what would you do?



"The Quickening" provides accurate information in story form, without making a young girl or woman with an unplanned pregnancy feel judged or guilty. It's an eye-opener . . . and, prayerfully, a life-safer as well.

Kas Winters

About the author and illustrator

Dan & Barb D'Aurelio


Dan D'Aurelio had planned to writeThe Quickening after he retired in several years. "I felt a nudge from above," he told his publisher. "And the story unfolded in my mind. I think the Good Lord wanted this message to get out to someone who needed to hear it." He added: "It is very difficult, when you feel all alone, to ask for help, to rely on others, but to make an informed decision, you must weigh all of the options." 

An industrial steel salesman by day and a writer by night, this is D'Aurelio's second novel. 


Barb D'Aurelio has been an RN for over twenty-five years. An avid artist, she undertook the challenge of drawing the illustrations and providing accurate medical information for The Quickening, with enthusiasm. "If a woman finds herself in this situation," she stated. "She may feel helpless and alone, but there are many community agencies that can help, including pregnancy centers, that have the necessary resources to provide all that is needed."

Barb volunteers at such a pregnancy


Dan and Barb are parents to eight children and enjoy spoiling their eleven grandchildren. They live in Akron, Ohio.




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