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Christian Fiction



The Ananias Precedent


 The Race for the Urim

Two books in one

by Floyd Allen

USD $17.95


Thy Word I Hid in My Heart


In the Twinkling of an Eye

Two books in one

by Floyd Allen

USD $17.95

Christian Science Fiction

Distant Planet

by Anna Marie Burk


Christian Poetry


Religious Poetry & Poetry for Women


Once in a Dream

Christian Poetry to lift your spirits

by Judith Anne Mortimer

USD $10.00

Thus Speaks My Heart

A Lifetime of Poetry

By Madelyn Barber

USD $9.99

Beyond the Clouds & Over the Rainbow

Poems of faith and hope during challenging times and situations

By Alicia E.

USD $10.00




Make Life Easier

before Death Comes to Your Door

by Rena Belisle

USD $12.95

Jewish and Christian Books


The Boy Who Found Hashem

A Jewish Children's Story

by Fangette Willett

USD $8.00

Unplanned Pregnancy -

Informed Decisions

The Quickening

by Dan D'Aurelio

USD $9.95

Healthy Dating Relationships

You're Worth the Wait

by Kimberly G. Bosket

USD $13.95

Christian Book for Families


Alphabuddies for Children

Prayers of Blessing

by JoAnn DeJoria Smith

USD $10.00 

Five-time cancer survivor shares to story to help others overcome this terrible disease with humor, power, faith and perseverance.

Combating Cancer

by Bo Blankenship

USD $17.95

Combating Cancer Personal Journal

also available

USD $12.95


Powerful Confessions based on God's Word!

It Shall Be for My Children as God has Spoken

by Pastor Carol Derksen

USD $5.00

A prayerful approach to healing

God's Word . . .

God's Medicine

by Pastor Carol Derksen


Confession Packet

Confession brings Possession

A collection of cards with prayers based upon Scripture.

Begin today to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

By Pastor Carol Derksen

USD $10.00



Liturgical Art and Design

Bathed in Light

Liturgical Art and Design

by Diane Osby Peterson

USD $39.00

Religious Cards, Posters and Postcards


Prayer of St. Francis Poster or Art Print Post Cards

by Rev. Maxine Musgrave

16" x 23", Full Color POSTER

Printed on index weight stock that

is suitable for framing

USD $20.00

Prayer of St. Francis

Post Cards

5 5/8" x 8 1/2"

USD $3.25 each 

Christ_illust.JPG (191672 bytes)

Portrait of Jesus

Art Print Post Cards

by Rev. Maxine Musgrave

USD $2.25

Mother Love

Art Print Greeting Card

by Rev. Maxine Musgrave

USD $5.00

"Earth Mother 2000"

Each feather in the head dress symbolizes all the races of humanity, uniting as one for the survival of Earth. It isn't us and them . . . we are ONE.

by Phyllis Karow-Trella

USD $4.25 each

"Dragonfly Dreams"

The iridescence of Dragonfly's colors transforms and guides us through illusion . . .  into ILLUMINATION

by Phyllis Karow-Trella

USD $4.25 each

"Buffalo Call"

Buffalo calls us to the presence of the Great Spirit within all creation.

by Phillis Karow-Trella

$4.25 each



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