Sad Sam, Glad Sam

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Sad Sam, Glad Sam  is a "funderful" book children will love to have their parents and grandparents read out loud.

Sad Sam

Glad Sam

Written by

L. E. Rainey


Illustrated by

Bill Megenhardt


32 pages, 9" x 12"  

Full color - 16 illustrations

Hardcover, Side sewn


Usually shipped within 4 days


ISBN #0978552105





“The Best Storytellers Are Grandparents”

Author, L. E. Rainey, had never written a children’s book before she penned, Sad Sam, Glad Sam, but she didn’t let that stand in her way.  Her experience as a grandmother gave her the confidence to try her hand at writing. “I’m the proud grandmother of a rambunctious 5-year-old boy. Thanks to my children and my grandson, I’ve got a lot of experience reading bedtime stores. That’s why the best storytellers are grandparents—we get a lot more practice. Over the years, I sorta developed a feel for what makes a good children’s story.”  

Sad Sam, Glad Sam is a humorous and engaging story about Samantha “Sam” Morgan, a precocious little girl, whose emotions get the best of her. “My daughter was often frustrated by my grandson’s temper tantrums.  He had more emotions than words to express them. Parents need help getting through this difficult stage of child rearing.  I thought showing parents how to use creative play to help children manage their feelings was one of the ways I could be supportive.” 


"The vivid colors and rich dark hues accentuate this simple tale about the importance of accepting and dealing with powerful emotions without being controlled by them."

The Midwestern Book Review



"The heroine, Sam, has a bad morning. What parents hasn't suffered through these moments with their child hoping for a resource to use that can appeal to a child's heart. L. E. Rainey has provided such a resource with charming, expressive imagery to boot."

Dr. Neil Warmer, psychologist.


An understanding emotions book

Sad Sam,

Glad Sam


Samantha Morgan is having a bad day. When her favorite toy is broken by Larry, the family cat, things go from bad to worse. Mommy comes to the rescue!


Sam’s quick thinking Mommy uses a handpuppet to help the unhappy little heroine understand and manage her overwhelming feelings of sadness. Award winning illustrator Bill Megenhardt’s beautiful drawings capture the drama and charm of a young child’s journey of emotional self-discovery.


In the book, Sam’s mother uses a simple brown paper bag handpuppet to help Sam explore “very sad feelings”  caused  by the accidental breaking of a favorite toy.

Something extra special!!!



Make your own easy-to-assemble Paper Bag Puppet.

Use your handpuppet as a creative play tool to help your child understand how to manage his or her emotions. 

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The Storyteller


L.E. Rainey, Author

L. E. Rainey is a proud grandmother who claims grandparents make the best storytellers. “That’s because we get a lot of practice. Grandparents know the type of books children like to read,” she explained.  Sad Sam, Glad Sam is the author’s first book. She said the inspiration for the book came from her own life experiences.

“My oldest daughter is a single mother and parenting my very precocious, headstrong grandson hasn’t been easy. His “I’m the boss” stubborn streak kept him in timeout,” she stated, “My daughter, to her credit, was always looking for ways to improve her parenting skills. Watching her struggles as a parent motivated me to seek more creative options for handling children’s emotional “ups and downs”. I believe creative play is a marvelous way for parents and children to maintain healthy relations. ”

When queried about the reason for making a puppet one of the characters in her book, L.E. Rainey smiled and said, “I’m fascinated by the art of puppetry. Even as a child, I loved puppets. There is something magical about the process of creating a puppet character and giving her a voice. I was such a shy, nervous child, speaking in front of people was terrifying. One day my teacher had us make papier mache puppets. We had to use them in group skits we scripted and performed in. I had so much fun with my puppet I overcame my fear of public speaking—at least temporarily. When I needed a character who could appeal to a child’s inner- emotions, I naturally thought about a puppet.”

Although she’s a published author, L.E. Rainey said her life hasn’t changed very much. “I live a quiet, ordinary life.  There’s been no fanfare and hubbub about me being an author and, frankly, I prefer it that way.  Sad Sam, Glad Sam is a fantastic book and I think in time it will become a real favorite with children and grandparents,” she concluded.


When she isn’t traveling, L.E. Rainey can be found in her Arizona home curled up on a couch reading a book, playing with her dogs, Sacha and Xavier, or at her desk making puppets.



Strong female heroine; storyline reinforces the important role parents play as "problem-solving coaches in the lives of young children; the book's African-American characters will have broad multicultural appeal. Parents learn how creative play can be used as a tool for understanding and managing children's emotions.

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