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Watch a Meteor Shower

by Kas Winters

For a good view, get away from the city lights if possible and plan on staying up late. For a summer meteor shower, you can beat the Perseid  Meteors which are visible between July 17 and August 24th, are great between the 8th and 14th of August and usually peak about August 11th or 12th. I have read that you can see 50 or even hundreds in an evening, but the most we've ever seen is about 25. Even if you just see a couple it's exciting. The darker the sky, the better the chance you have of seeing more.

Leonid Meteor showers take place between November 14 and 21st, peaking about the 17th. They are followed by the Geminid Showers from December 7 to he 17th. Look UP!!


Handkerchief Parachutes and More

Make a handkerchief parachute by tying a clothespin or small plastic toy figure to a handkerchief or square piece of cloth. Tie four strings to the clothespin and then tie each string to one corner of the handkerchief. Roll it up and toss it in the air and watch it float down.

   Tie balloons to strings and let them dance in the wind. Helium balloons are even more fun but tie them securely.

   Play with pinwheels in the wind.

Science FUN

with WORMS and BUGS!


Worm Drive The Musical

Workbook & CD SET

by Ron Wright

Care for environment

USD $20.00


A Bug Love Story

Story and Photography

by  Ron Wright

USD $15.00


Put the FUN in Learning!

Mother Lode

The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy

Over 5,000 Ideas for Tots through Teens

By Kas Winters 

USD $20.00

britpaperplatebook.JPG (89747 bytes)

Paper Plate Puppet Patterns:  Southwest Animals

USD $10.00.

Over 5000 Ideas for

Tots through Teens 

Includes several sections with Science Activities.

MotherLodeCover.JPG (116195 bytes)

Mother Lode

The Ultimate Collection of Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy

By Kas Winters 

USD $30.00


by Cartoonist Ken Goracke

Now, that's a Hard Drive!



Try a Science


Experiment with rockets. Try different types. The simplest form of a rocket, and one that most kids enjoy, consists of a half tablet of Alka-Seltzer which is placed in a small empty film container which is filled about halfway with water. Cap the container lightly and shake it before setting it down on the ground and running away. The container will shoot into the air to the delight of all. (This is not a good activity for young children, unless an adult is placing the container and watching the child carefully.)

   You can make or purchase sling-shot styles of rockets which can be made out of Styrofoam or even clothespins. They are operated with a rubber band used like a slingshot to send the rocket flying.

   If you have a tire pump, you can launch empty plastic two liter soda bottles as rockets. Try a search engine for information if you need details.

   There are various sizes and styles of kits available at Hobby Stores that contain parts and instructions for making and launching rockets.



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Try some Kitchen Science



Dancing Raisins. Put some clear soda in a glass and drop a few raisins in the glass. Carbon dioxide bubbles will form on the raisins, causing them to rise to the surface. The bubbles will burst and then the raisins will fall back to the bottom and the process will repeat.


Floating Layers. Carefully pour a layer of clear corn syrup into a glass. On top of that, pour a layer of salad oil. Finally pour a layer of water. Because these are all different densities, they will stay in the layers. Drop a variety of things into the glass and see which fall to the bottom and which float on top. Some will only fall part way down the glass, stopping at a layer. Try to guess how far items will fall. Use things like a piece of Styrofoam, a cork, a plastic block (like a Lego), a metal screw or bolt, a grape, cherry or raisin, a piece of wood etc.


Floating with Salt. Put very warm water in a glass and place small items in the water. Some will that will float and some that will sink. Use things like paper clips, toothpicks, buttons, bottle caps, etc. Remove the items. Add salt to the water and stir until you have dissolved about a tablespoon or two of salt. Replace the items and note which ones float now that didn't float before.


Float your boat!

Make a boat together. Use newspaper or any kind of paper. Build it from wood. Make one from a plastic bottle or jug. Create a boat using aluminum foil. Be imaginative. Float it in a puddle, in a creek, or in the kitchen sink or bathtub filled with water. Add a toy sailor, or see how many pennies it will hold before it sinks.

True Tails

by J.H. Soeder

USD $17.00


The Legend of Dynamite George

The Mining Pack Rat

by Carroll Bennett

USD $19.95



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