Sofia's Awesome Tamale Day

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Sofia's Awesome Tamale Day

Written by

Albert Monreal Quihuis


Illustrated by

Susan Klecka


32  pages, illustrated

 8 1/4" x 10 1/2"


Ages 4-12  

and all those who love a good story


Usually shipped within 72 hours


 Hard Cover


Soft Cover






The fragrance of tamales cooking at Christmas time is one of the most cherished memories of the holiday season. The aroma of spicy chili meat and corn steaming in  huge pots signals a time for family gatherings—a simple time that brings peace, joy and love in an otherwise hectic life. Like a magnet, tamales unite family members who must work together to prepare the masa, meat, chili, corn husks— and finally they must form an assembly line to put all the ingredients together to create the savory tamales that will disappear all too quickly.

Readers, get ready for a walk into a cozy kitchen, and a family whose love for one another will envelop you as easily as the distinct fragrance of tamales draws you to the cherished memories of your own Christmas tamales.



Enjoy the delightful paintings by Susan Klecka on the pages of this book. The originals are skillfully painted on wood and capture the artist's memories and impressions of her time spent in small villages of Mexico. The vibrant colors will delight children and readers of all ages.

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A story about FAMILY . . . Traditions . . .  Cooperation . . . Pride . . . and most of all  . . . LOVE!


The purpose of this story is to share with the reader the process of making tamales, and embrace the beautiful Mexican culture its traditions and the family experience that goes with it. It’s about being proud of who you are, and believing in yourselflearning Life principles . . . leadership, planning, doing your best, being confident, learning to work with othersand never giving up.




What They are Saying...

 Memories are captured by Al Quihuis in his delightful story, Sophia’s Awesome Tamale Day. Honoring the memory of his parents, Albert and Sophia, the story tells a tale of love between a grand-daughter and her Abuelita who share one goal at Christmas time: to make DELICIOUS tamales! In spite of doubts, Sophia takes on the task set up by Abuelita, and along side family members and a parrot that talks too much, she relives for us all the art of making   tamales. The vivid, original artwork by one of Arizona’s premier Southwest    artists, Susan Klecka, graces the pages of Sophia’s story charming readers with pictures of authentic family life.

How well, I remember my family’s own tamale-making, and my own children smelling the intoxicating fragrance of misty vapor rising from steaming tamale pots, the delicate aroma filling every room in the house. And the question they asked over and over again, “Are they ready yet?”  

Stella Pope Duarte

About the Author


Albert Monreal Quihuis

Albert is a native of Arizona and the oldest of six children of Albert and Sophia Quihuis. He is the proud father of three sons (Adrian, Anthony and  Andre) and  a daughter (Alicia) and enjoyed reading    stories to them during their childhood. He is most proud of being the best father he could and helping them to be their best, having confidence, believing in themselves and having the strength and courage to take on all of life’s challenges. Now he wants to share and help more children to learn about life’s lessons and principles through his stories.

Albert is a Financial Advisor, Certified as a Financial Planner in the Phoenix area.

He attended Arizona State University and served in the United State Air Force.

Proud of his Mexican heritage, Albert appreciates the traditions, culture, food and music of Mexico. He loves to travel, hike, read, exercise, barbecue and be with family and friends. 

It is his goal to try and learn to be a better person and to help others in many ways.

As an advocate for the betterment of Latino Community , he is involved with many Hispanic organizations.  



About the Artist


Susan Klecka 


Susan’s style of folk art painting stems from her frequent visits to   the pueblos in various regions of Mexico and Central America. Her interpretation of the simplicity of lifestyle and living, combined with the pure and vibrant colors found in the agricultural regions far away from the bustle of the large cities, forms a vibrant landscape for her art.  These visual experiences, along with the warm and gentle demeanor of the people, offer her abundant resources for creativity.

Susan is very active in the arts community.  She is the 2011-12 Chairman of the Mesa Arts Center Foundation, the past president of Friends of Mexican Art (FOMA), and is one of the originators of the Dia de los Muertos Celebration at the Mesa Arts Center. She is the 2011 recipient of the YWCA Tribute to Women Award for Creative Arts for her work in promoting women artists throughout the years.

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