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Super Student/

Happy Kid

by Sally D. Ketchum

Foreword by

Dr. Cecil G. Miskel, Dean and Professor School of Education

The University of Michigan

40 Chapters

8 Appendices

OVER 500

Specific Tips


Order today to improve your life

(and grades) soon!

Fresh ideas, new strategies, and cutting edge answers for class work

Soft Cover, 280  pages,

5 3/8" x 8 3/8", Perfect Bound

Usually shipped within 48 hours

ISBN# 0-9647160-0-3





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What they are saying about

Super Student/ Happy Kid

From  pre-school teachers who are using the tips on teaching listening, to college students who want time to socialize, from professors who teach teachers to 7th graders taking tests, Super Student/Happy Kid! readers are captivated by the usefulness of its advice and tips

"As I read Super Student, I could not but remember how impressed I was as I observed Ketchum's masterful interaction with students in the classroom. Her writing in Super Student is an incisive and instructive reinforcement of her performance as a classroom teacher and as a teacher of teachers."  Paul Oberle, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Teacher education, Central Michigan University

"Sally Ketchum's 'Play hard, study hard, but don't mix the two!" philosophy helped me at Boston College and beyond. It is an idea I keep handy to accomplish more and enjoy more in life" Jason Evans, Boston College, The University of Michigan, B.A.

"Ketchum has the background and keen professional insight needed to provide parents and students with valuable information on how to study and compete in today's schools." 

Dr. Elmer Peterman, Superintendent, Elk Rapids Schools

"The tips are wonderfully helpful. I think all kids can use them. I especially like the category about tests. The test tips will help ids who don't have much experience most of all."  Lauren Wilkinson, 7th grade, Cherryland Middle School, Elk Rapids, Michigan

"Great ideas and well presented-- clear to our cluttered minds. My favorite section was Quiet. Cheryl Wall, young  mother

"Ketchum's Red Hot Tips not only help me get 4.0's in class, but they also help me approach my professors, keep my class work organized, and give me ideas for socializing."  Samantha Brown, 19, Northwestern Michigan College

"Ketchum writes with a grace and elegance that has won her hundreds of diehard fans. Her writing shows an obvious love of teaching and talent for doing it creatively. She is bubbling with ideas of how to do anything better." 

Anne Stanton, Editor and writer

"There are great tips. You can use them for the infants and keep referring for years and years!"

Kim White, Mother of two elementary school children


A book that will save all students HOURS of work

A book that will save education majors DAYS of work 

"Make a large wall board with chalkboard paint for a kid's room, and you might make a mathematician." "Be kind to geeks." "The rear corners of a classroom are a kiss of death," and "Never be the first one to turn in a test."

SUPER STUDENT/  HAPPY KID!, a book formatted to be accessible to the entire family, gives hundreds of such tidbits, called Red Hot Tips by author and popular teacher, Sally Ketchum. The tips are sprinkled throughout the book with 400 bonus tips in the last appendix.

SUPER STUDENT's forty chapters are grouped into sections. The Self-Empowerment section deals with such things as habits and humor, independence and influences, and gives specific advice and exercises such as Affirmation and Visualization which Ketchum explains in clear, straight-forward style.

The Facts of School Life pages deal with the often mundane, but important aspects of school:  books, grades, teachers, and stress. Always specific, the tips for stress, for instance, include anti-stress foods, psyching up, clothing, and fresh air.

Ian Doten, a Wayne State University Medical student, says, "each time I faced a major project, assignment, or stressful situation, Ketchum's tips and philosophies were right there: simple, powerful, and highly applicable."

The Study Skills section cuts through much of the fog in today's education surrounding high level thinking skills and various learning styles. The Three R's discuss the basics, and The Cutting Edge Unit gives both students and parents insight into giftedness and leadership abilities.

The section of The Higher Self perhaps distinguishes SUPER STUDENT/ HAPPY KID! from other study guides since it addresses such elevated subjects as quiet, honesty, self-esteem (all-important in Ketchum's opinion), and the concept of service. However the book keeps its practical and sensible tone.

With eight helpful appendices featuring diagrams, directions, and samples of actual student work, SUPER STUDENT/HAPPY KID! is 280 some pages of fresh advice which can be put into use by student and parent easily, inexpensively, and immediately.

"You'll be a better student, parent, or teacher for having read this book," says Lynne Olds, a Grosse Pointe elementary teacher. "It's a delightful collection of practical ideas that will expand your educational horizons."

Table of Contents

Self Empowerment










Study Skills


Depth and Breadth

Higher Level Thinking Skills

Learning Styles


Note Taking




Thinking on Paper

What and Why?

Facts of School Life



Extra-Curricular Activities

Failures and Blocks


School Supplies




The Three R's

Math and Science




The Cutting Edge

Gifted Education



The Higher Self





About the Author

Sally D. Ketchum


Sally Ketchum has worked with super students and happy kids from kindergarteners to college students. Ketchum loves children, animals (dogs, especially) and nature. She enjoys cooking and cooks with philosophy and whim rather than recipes. Sally's culinary ideas can be viewed regularly in her  column for the Traverse City, Michigan, Record-Eagle titled "In the Kitchen with Sally Ketchum". Another interest, gardening, encompasses 200 herbs, perennials, and old and English roses. Her interest in the environment goes hand-in-hand with wilderness island camping on an island in Lake Michigan-UP).


Writing and reading are a major part of Sally's life. She began by publishing poetry in children's magazines and Detroit papers while still a child, and her list of  publications includes many small magazines, academic journals, children's magazines and a number of newspapers.


Both her teaching and writing have brought Sally awards, honors and profiles, including a nomination for "Teacher of the Year" and 3 nominations for "National Journalism Teacher of the Year".


A graduate of The University of Michigan, Ketchum is the mother of three adult children and the mistress of three super and happy dogs.

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