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Permanently Collectible


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Temporarily Yours...

Permanently Collectible

Written by Wendy Perkins

Illustrated by

Lolly Hernandez


Paperback, 106 pages,

5 3/8" x 8 3/8"

Usually shipped within 72 hours




This is a very FUNNY book!


Permanently Collectible

This is a very funny book related in a deadpan way by a very wacky woman who worked as a temporary secretary under twenty agencies. Whew! And the stories she tells are right out of Beverly Hills mythology of uproarious folks who know from nothing except how to make fortunes. The CEO gave her $100 to take care of his kids (the boy who "loved to practice his new karate skills on every passerby while the girl talked non-stop"). A director of new product development for a computer firm thought of her as a spy. The stories are quick takes, usually less than a page, and they're interspersed with quotes from the likes of the Bible, the dictionary, Ghandi and Nietzche, not to mention Wendy Perkins. ("As a temp I gained culture, while avoiding the cult.") 106 pages. This woman is hilarious. And a very good read. She also happens to have an M.B.A.  and worked as an institutional stockbroker. And she has some very good thoughts. "Allow yourself to receive what is good and remember that you deserve it". "One morning I woke up with my jaw frozen shut on one side." Whew! Business as she is lived.

About the Author

Wendy Perkins

Wendy Perkins, whose entertaining Tempi.Sodes form the basis of Temporarily Yours...was a temp with a twist. For two years she worked as a temporary secretary under twenty agencies after being a Beverly Hills institutional stockbroker. She holds an M.B.A. from American Graduate School of International Management. Since successfully self-publishing, Wendy Perkins is currently  a publicity, public relations and community affairs professional.

It's all about ATTITUDE

The best thing about this book is Wendy's consistent attitude. She was determined to see the positive side of each and every situation and make the most of each and every day. I found the book intriguing and uplifting. Gosh, if she could get through this, I could get through my "stuff" too. Wendy is one of those completely unpredictable people who is always open to opportunities. One week she was promoting travel and the next thing I knew, she had just returned from teaching top level officials in China!! Life with Wendy never even approaches boring!!


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