Vegetarian Main Dishes

with Healthy Desserts and Vegan Baked Desserts



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Vegetarian Main Dishes

with Healthy Desserts and Vegan Baked Desserts

Indira Sundaram



Soft Cover, 238 pages

8 1/2" x 11", Plastic Coil Bound


Usually shipped within 48 hours

ISBN# 978-0-615-60022-2


What they are saying about the recipes in this book . . .

"Indira Aunty's books is a collection of a rare blend of recipes that bring the traditional tastes and methods from India to those wanted to diversify their meals with nutritious and delicious vegetarian options in America. The recipes incorporate healthy substitutes for common ingredients such as sugar and butter, replacing them with brown sugar, dates, and canola oil--resulting in profoundly delicious puddings and baked desserts.

"I am most grateful for this gift as it will allow my children to have access to the legacy of these great dishes that may otherwise be lost in the harried lifestyle of the present age."

                                    Aru Narla

"Indira has always been well-known among the Indian community in Phoenix, Arizona, for her experimentations with her cooking to make it tastier and healthier. She would tirelessly discuss her new dish or changes she has made to the original recipe with her invited friends! 

"Wheelchair bound for more than 20 years, she has not been about to do cooking, but it has not dampened her spirits even a little. She has trained several American caregiver to cook Indian foods. Indira has tried out all of the recipes in this book by giving instructions to caregivers from her wheelchair. Just imagine what a powerful imagination she has!

"I hope you will experience the same joy that Indira has has in  writing this book and that you will enjoy her delicious foods."

                                    Prabha Acharya

"It gives me great pleasure to invite you to share Indira Sundaram's unique recipes. Allow your pallet to embrace vegetarian, vegan, and the exotic cuisine of Southern India. Using her tried and tested original recipes will open a world of flavors unequaled in cooking. She gives you a road map to some of the most memorable cooking and dining experience you may have in your own home. Enjoy the flavors of Indian from the ample main course to her unique desserts."

                                      Ron Wick
Vegetable Dosa

Vegetarian Main Dishes

Discover Original Recipes that are Healthy too!

More than a cookbook, “Vegetarian Main Dishes with Healthy Desserts and Vegan Baked Desserts” is an amazing achievement!

This collection of more than 240 recipes is one of the most detailed cookbooks around. Ingredients are listed not only by ordinary cup, teaspoon and tablespoon amounts but also by grams and liters. And each amount has been tested and adjusted until the flavor and texture was exactly the way the author imagined it to be.

Each recipe has been photographed by the author's husband, so the reader can see exactly what the finished dish should look like. It's a great help for someone who has never tried vegetarian cooking before and reassures the pros that they are on the right track.

The author has tested her recipes--changing and adapting them until she was completely satisfied with her combinations, amounts of ingredients and even the processes used to put everything together.



1.  Availability of Ingredients and Spices used in recipes


2.  Baking Time for Nuts, Dhal, Seeds, and Fruits


3.  Brown Sugar Puddings and Sweet Sauce (Vegan)


4.  Brown Sugar Baked Desserts, Cookies, and Muffins (Non-Vegan)


5.  Brown Sugar Baked Desserts, Cookies, And Muffins (Non Vegan)


6.  Quick Cream of Wheat Sweet Snack (Vegan and Non Vegan)


7.  Date Sweetened Cup Cakes, Muffins, Cookies, and Corn Bread (Non Vegan)


8.  Date Sweetened Puddings and Sweet Sauce (Vegan)


9.  Salads (vegan and Non Vegan)


10.  Soups (Vegan)


11.  Chutnies (Vegan)


12.  Idli (Steamed Rice Cake) and Dosa (Vegan)


13.  Sambar and the Gravies (Vegan and Non Vegan)


14.  Seasoned Various Plain Dahls and Soup (Vegan)


15. Seasoned Beans, Dhal and Peas (Vegan)


16.  Seasoned Vegetable Curries (Vegan and Non Vegan)


17.  Seasoned Spinach Collard Green and Kale Dishes (Vegan and Non Vegan)


18.  Seasoned Rice, Ricesticks, and Cream of Wheat (Vegan and Non Vegan)


19.  Seasoned Steamed Dhokla Dishes (Non Vegan)


20.  Seasoned Steamed Dhokla Dishes (Vegan)


21.  Snacks (Vegan and Non Vegan)


22.  Ginger and Garlic Pastes (Vegan)


23.  Home Made Low Fat Plain Yogurt





About the Author



This book is the result of my passion for experimenting with different food preparations using different ingredients with a goal to achieve healthier and better tasting food.  I wondered for a long time where did I get this passion to prepare different kinds of foods. Now I realize they must have come from my Mother, Adhilakshmi who is a vegetarian. She always used dark brown sugar, coconuts and lot of legumes to prepare variety of desserts. Sometimes the dishes were not as appealing to me but they did taste good and at the same time, they were healthy according to my Mother. I have to thank her profoundly for instilling in me, at an early age, the benefits of healthy foods and giving me the insight to write this book.

Confinement to wheel chair for a number of years has forced me to occupy my mind in some fashion to wither away the boredom that accompanies immobility. Among the routine duties given to my caregivers, I always gave cooking the highest priority. The reason being, it kept my mind occupied and in addition provided healthy meals and desserts to my family as well as to friends on occasions. Due to health reasons and/or spiritual beliefs, many people who were non-vegetarians all their lives, opt to become vegetarians. Most of them are lost in the beginning, because only salads come to their mind, when they think of the vegetarian food! They do not know where to start. The recipes given in this book are written with those in mind. Attention is given to provide healthy and at the same time tasty meals. Ease of preparation of food is also given importance in most of the recipes. Where the recipes are given for dishes using garbanzo beans and kidney beans, additional recipes using canned garbanzo beans and kidney beans are given. These recipes take less time and effort.

We hear a lot about fat, cholesterol, obesity and other ailments. These occur due to heredity, life styles and food we consume. I believe that eating healthy foods helps to alleviate some of the health problems. As such, my thoughts swirled around the dream of preparing healthy foods and at the same time, imparting taste to them. This creativity has kept me very busy mentally; in directing my caregivers in preparing different recipes and always thinking of new ones. I spend most of my time at home, not outside. When I am not conversing or asking others to do things for me, this creative passion has kept my mind active. This is how these recipes have come about.

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