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Balloon Flowers for Summer Fun

Flowers from balloons! What a perfect summer idea! Inflate balloon an attach them to plastic straws or balloon sticks. This makes them easier to fasten together. Place on balloon in the center. Attach other balloons around it to form petals. For large flowers, make two rows of petals, using the same or different colors of balloons. Attach an additional stick for a stem and add a couple of green long-shaped balloons for leaves. Wrap florists tape around the stem. Place small flowers in pots with raffia "grass". Large flowers can be anchored to a Styrofoam base with is covered with dried moss.


Balloon Decorating - Possibilities

The possibilities for balloon decorating are amazing! Make any shape under the sun from hearts to columns, rainbows or architectural wonders. String white or colored mini-lights among the balloons. Use balloons to make a canopy or even and entire wall. Attach balloons to centerpieces or the corners of tables. Drop them from the ceiling or make them into fun shapes. Place balloons inside of balloons. Fill clear balloons with festive metallic shredded paper. Have balloons imprinted with your names and wedding date. It you hire a balloon decorator, look for one that is a "certified balloon artist". (Honest, they train for this--and they do a great job.)

For a Good Fit - Wedding Attire

When you are being measured for wedding attire, here are a couple of pointers to help you get a good fit.

1) For a good fitting, wear the same bra that you will wear on your wedding day. It can make a big difference in the way your dress will fit. 

2) For trying wedding dresses on, wear the same shoes you will wear on your wedding day (or at least shoes of the same height) so that you can really see how the length of the dress looks on you. 

3) Have the person doing the measurements use a vinyl tape measure instead of a fabric one. Fabric tape measures have a tendency to stretch with use and this can result in measurements that are not precise. 

4) If you are ordering a dress, check the manufacturer's size chart. Sizes vary from one designer to another so don't assume that the size you always wear is the correct size for a wedding dress. Remember that alterations can be expensive.

Drape a Cake Table or Head Table

Once a table has be skirted and covered, a variety of drapes and garlands can add a touch of elegance. Use silky or sheer fabrics, lace or tulle. Add strings of beads, ribbons, cording or garlands of flowers or greenery in addition to the fabric or in place of it. At the points where the drape gathers at the edge of the table, place bows, ribbon streamers, curled tassels, curled ribbon bouquets, helium inflated balloons, greenery or fresh or silk flowers. (Check fire regulations if you will be using lots of fabric yardage for this.) You can make it festive without spending a fortune.

A Bouquet Alternative

Floral Hoops for Attendants



Flowers don't have to be held in a bunch. Take a large macrame ring and cover it with greenery. Add flowers and a bow for a beautiful bouquet alternative. Your florist should be able to make these if you don't want to tackle it on your own. Give one to each bridesmaid or use one for the maid of honor or small ones for flower girls.

"A Smile is a curve that sets things straight!"

The Tussey Mussey

Did You Know?

A tussey mussey traces it's origins back to the castles of medieval times when these flower holders wee used to hold fresh bouquets around the halls and rooms to get rid of that musty castle odor! Tussey musseys were popular for Victorian weddings and are once again a beautiful way to hold a bridal bouquet.


Looking for an unusual way to present a wedding ring to your bride at the ceremony?

Here's one I heard about that I found amusing. Instead of using a ring pillow or taking the ring out of his pocket, the Best Man pulls the bride's ring out of a Cracker Jacks box! (Of course you need a bride with a sense of humor to pull this off, but every wedding should have a few laughs!)


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