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Your Wedding Your Way

A complete wedding planning system

Written and illustrated

by Kas Winters


430 pages, 81/2" x 11",

Binding: White plastic Binder

Includes: 430 page book with three-hole punched pockets for brochures, contracts and receipts in a binder.

Usually shipped within 4 days


This book is designed with "shopping wise" sections that will save you far more than the cost of the planning system.

Let my experience work to save you money!!

What our customers are saying:

"Your book is great! It is our bible! Thanks."

"Thank you so much for your quick reply to my request for the wedding planner. I'm sure it will be one of the most important items I have purchased for my wedding."

"Thank you SO much!! By using the ideas in your book, we are coming in way under our original budget for this wedding!"


"This book saved me at least $3000!!! I'm recommending it to all of my friends who are getting married."

Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars

with this complete Wedding Planning System. 

  • Save a Consultant fee by planning your own wedding your own way. The going rate for a consultant in my area is a minimum of $500 for the day of the wedding only and charges for planning the wedding begin at $1200-$1500.

  • Use Shopping Wise information to find alternatives to many wedding expenses

  • Ask questions provided to avoid surprise fees and make choices on what is included in packages

  • Look at hundreds of options provided

  • Comparison charts help you find the very best deals

  • Follow suggestions for a myriad of ways to save money on your wedding

  • Complete budget worksheets included

 This system is ALL you need to plan a wedding of any size.

Take it a page at a time. Ask the questions. Fill in the blanks. Your wedding practically plans itself. In my opinion, biased of course since I wrote the book, it is the very best and most complete wedding planner on the market. Brides have renamed it their "wedding planning bible."

Use the workbook to see considerations for each area of a wedding. You are sure to find things that you haven't thought of yet. Keep track of all the details with hundreds of checklists arranged in an easy-to-follow time line. Fill in the blanks on calendars, forms and note spaces so nothing is forgotten. Work with your budget. Use the comparison charts and check out "shopping wise" sections for suggestions on reducing costs.

Use the ceremony section of the book to plan a meaningful and romantic ceremony involving your family and friends. Make a wonderful memory.

Plan your reception to include every detail without any unpleasant surprises. Get everything in writing using forms provided. Check out the "Creative Ideas", "Make a Memory" and "Etiquette" sidebars for ideas.

Find out what to look for when purchasing bridal attire. Keep your dream wedding from becoming a nightmare by knowing what questions to ask of vendors and suppliers.

If it has to do with a wedding, you will find here.

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Wedding Directory

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Wedding Supplies

From the author


Kas Winters

When friends ask why I chose to write a wedding planner, my response is simply that someone should learn from my mistakes! As a graphic artist, executive director and church administrator, I have been involved in event planning for over 30 years. That includes everything from the Arizona State Fair to conferences to business meetings to church gatherings to children's events to family parties, and, of course, weddings.

In addition to planning and organizing events, I've designed special wedding invitations, designed custom wedding jewelry, baked and decorated wedding cakes, done flower arranging, performed in musical groups, taken photos professionally and contracted with professional photographers,  worked with videographers to produce presentations, sewn and designed formalwear, decorated for all types of events and even worked for a caterer! Somehow wedding planning seemed a "natural" direction to go.

You might be surprised...

Did You Know?

Wedding things you should know.

You can be charged a "cake cutting fee" per slice if you bring your own cake into some reception sites.

There are special limousines designed to accommodate large wedding gowns with hoop skirts.

Prime wedding locations are often booked more than a year in advance.

Tossing rice is not permitted  in most ceremony and reception locations today.

It's a good idea to check the watering schedule for an outdoor wedding to make sure sprinklers don't come on in the middle of everything.

There can be major extra charges for transporting a cake, flowers, etc. to a remote location. Just think of all the bumps!

You can be charged a "corkage fee" if your reception location has someone pour drinks, including champagne, that you have supplied.

Find out what is included. For example a bride's mother was asked at the last minute if she wanted an aisle runner for a garden wedding. She replied, "Of course." and received a fee for an additional $150 on her bill for the aisle runner which was not part of the reception package.

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